Lightning Fast Rapier Sword - 1045 Carbon Steel
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  • Fantasy sword collector must-have
  • 30" 1045 carbon steel blade with aqua blue blade designs
  • Aqua blue handle with silver hand painted accents
  • Bright red solid wood scabbard with high gloss finish
  • Measures 39 1/2" overall in length
  • Collectible anime inspired sword

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Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 3.43 out of 5

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Good Blade Overall Reviewed by Forrest Emery on Jul 07, 2016   4 out of 5

This is a decent-looking and somewhat simplistic take on Asuna's rapier. Overall, I'd say it stays true to the show in terms of design. It is an anime rapier which means it's going to have exaggerated size compared to a historical rapier. The blade is solid and I haven't detected any signs of looseness. That said, it's not made for sword fighting nor is it marketed as such. It's made for looks, and I think most SAO fans will pleased as far as that goes. Now for the one real problem that plagues this blade in a couple of areas: glue. First off the pommel is not glued on well at all. I was able to pull it off with relatively little force, and that's if it doesn't fall off on its own. And then there's the waxy substance that you've no doubt read about in other reviews. I believe this is also caused by glue, although I could be wrong. From what I can tell, the metal piece that is fixed to the entrance of the scabbard (forgive my lack of technical terminology here) is glued on, and that glue seeped out and coated a fair amount of the interior of the scabbard before drying. Now every time the sword is drawn and sheathed it collects more of this dried glue. That's my theory anyway, and regardless of the cause, it is quite frustrating. You can clean the sword repeatedly, but every time you place it back in the scabbard, you'll have to clean it again. Still, I'm pleased I have it overall, and I would recommend it to fellow SAO fans so long as you consider what I've said. Don't use it to fight with. Get your glue ready. And expect to do a lot of cleaning. If those aren't deal-breakers for you, this is the sword for you.

At least it looks good Reviewed by on Dec 29, 2015   3 out of 5

Seriously the white waxy substance that's inside the sheath is making me regret I got it. It looks really good... if you can get past all the white crap that ends up on the blade. Other than that as a wall piece it's a feast for the eyes

Reviewed by Colton T on Aug 12, 2015   3 out of 5

This rapier is pretty good for the price, but I recommend it SOLELY as a wall hanger.The pommel is loose, and the inside of the sheath is absolutely caked with a white waxy substance that is incredibly difficult to remove from the blade and all of the little holes and cracks on parts of the handguard. If you can get passed that, then I do recommend this if you are a fan of SAO

Reviewed by Justin Dretson on Jul 08, 2015   5 out of 5

Not too heavy I find that I can use one hand to control it quite well and it feels exactly like a rapier should. As a 6" 160 pound male I can safely say if you are even slightly physically fit you'll have no problem using this sword with one hand. Also the thickness of the blade is an accurate depiction of the sword from the anime.

Reviewed by Roy LoVerde on Mar 05, 2015   4 out of 5

Nice and we love it, just don't lose the cap on the end of the handle before you can glue it on. I used epoxy. We also glued the blue strip that runs into the sword. There is a peg there that runs through the sword to a receiving opening on the other side. Sword was not loose at all, but while I had the glue out, it made sense to use it. Would buy again as it is a very attractive sword and has some weight to it too. Cheers and enjoy your toys!

Reviewed by Adam F on Feb 27, 2015   2 out of 5

I'll echo what Suzaku said about the rapier. Doesn't feel like much of a rapier. In addition, when I unsheathed it, the pummel slid right off the grip and onto the floor. I can re-glue it back on, but feels like sloppy design. I wouldn't recommend this one to a fellow SAO fan.
Response: Thank your for your review. We are very sorry you were displeased with your purchase. Please contact our customer service department at 800-735-3326 for a refund or exchange.

Reviewed by Suzaku R. on Dec 09, 2014   3 out of 5

First of all, this sword is intended to be a replica of Asuna's Lambent Light from SAO. At that, it looks very much like the sword from the show, from a distance. When mine arrived, I was amazed at how heavy and wide the blade is. At the base of the blade, it's about 2 inches wide. The handle is also quite large, as a 6' 210lb male, I can easily put both hands on it. My main issue with this sword is the face that using two hands is almost necessary because of how heavy it is. In the anime, Lambent Light is a very fast rapier, but this replica is astonishingly heavy and wide, wider than a rapier should be. My three star rating is due to this discrepancy with the anime's sword. Besides that, the sword feels very well made. The blade has a small stamp affirming that it is made of carbon steel, and it feels well made. When it arrived, the blade was covered in an oily, gunky substance I had to clean off. Is it a rapier? No. Is it a good hand-and-a-half sword? Yes. But that's not what Lambent Light is supposed to be.

1 - 7 of 7 Products