Black Katana Sword w/ Dragon Engraved Scabbard & Black Blade
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    Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 4.26 out of 5

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    Reviewed by on Aug 11, 2016   3 out of 5

    A very nice decorative sword to be sure. Black blade is impressive according to my friends, and it's given me quite a few chances to do a little playful intimidating. I've had it for about 3 months now. Unfortunately, it's taken this long for me to actually take it out and give it a few good swings. Sadly, this was apparently a bad idea, as the small metal piece between the blade and the tsuba came loose and now the blade and hilt are at a sideways angle and the blade no longer fits inside the sheathe. I'm rather disappointed and will be contacting Customer Service in the morning in the hopes that we can reach some sort of resolution. Though, if the blade wasn't out of stock, I'd simply ask for a replacement.

    Reviewed by Nicole Muirhead on Dec 12, 2013   3 out of 5

    It's pretty cool looking... the only complaint I have is that it isn't sharp.

    Reviewed by Franklin Williams on Sep 23, 2013   5 out of 5

    I've had this Sword for a couple months now great sword the only reason it's not still in good shape is my own fault but this is by far my favorite sword. great for the cheap price very sturdy even after the hundreds of swings it been through i would recommend this sword to collector and beginners alike

    Reviewed by Toy Smith on Aug 14, 2013   3 out of 5

    honestly i like the sword good deal sword wasnt sharpened that much. its good fits fine isnt lose arrived in 2 days comes pre oiled the only thing that upsets me is when i put the sword in the scapbboard when i take it out it has this wierd white stuff on the side tip of the blade and the first few times when took it out i simply wilped it off but now (owned sword for a week now) when i take it out a bunch of the white stuff is on here and when i wipe it off it doesnt feel pre oiled anymore and it works on my nerves but overall good buy i think the white stuff is residue from inside the scapboard not for fighting tip is a little sharp rest of blade isnt coud'nt even cut a water bottle in half and the black blade is just so beautiful and this is my first sword so i don't have as much expirence as some bloggers but this is my oopinion honestly a good sword for collectors and beginers

    Reviewed by Kevin Bruzzesi on Jul 22, 2013   3 out of 5

    The cheap price reflects the quality, but it isn't that bad of a buy overall. The scabbard doesn't fit right on mine, and the blade is also bent out to the left slightly, which ruins the balance. However, it did come rather sharp, and the cardboard box stood no chance after sharpening. A good item for first-time buyers, but not true collectors unless you only would like it for the dragon design.

    Reviewed by Michael Godoy on Apr 03, 2013   2 out of 5

    The cheap price matches the cheap sword...I figured it would be the case, but I wasn't pleased when the blade wasn't even straight...

    Reviewed by Trista St.Clair on Mar 03, 2013   3 out of 5

    Great sword few problems but for the price who can complain, Well always buy Katanas from this site.

    Reviewed by David Elliott on Aug 18, 2012   5 out of 5

    Great sword that I got in excellent condition and very quick. A great buy overall.

    Reviewed by Jeff Smith on Nov 08, 2011   4 out of 5

    got this sword today as well, out of the box, i love the engraved saya, and the blade is stunning. the only thing that was wrong with it, is the blade is a little loose, but good buy other than that.

    Reviewed by Leon Luu on Oct 27, 2011   5 out of 5

    so i just got this katana and i have to say it is amazing the black blade gives the katana an overall unique look, people say that the blade is loose at the handle but i don't have that problem tho i nothice the blade itself is not sharp only the tip was but that is an easy fix. True swords has amazing quality, customer service and shipping.

    1 - 10 of 31 Products