Shinwa Full Tang Damascus Steel Warrior Katana Sword
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  • This sword is as elegant as it is functional
  • 28 1/2" full-tang Damascus steel blade
  • Hand sharpened with a deep blood groove
  • Handle wrapped with genuine ray skin and nylon cord
  • Zinc alloy hardware and a custom-designed dragon tsuba
  • High-polish lacquered scabbard included
  • 40 1/8" overall

This Damascus Steel Warrior katana sword is as elegant as it is functional with powerful full-tang Damascus steel construction. The blade is hand sharpened with a deep blood groove spanning the blade.

The handle features genuine ray skin and is graciously wrapped with heavy nylon cord and accented by zinc alloy hardware and a custom-designed dragon tsuba.

The full-tang construction of this sword allows you to put it to use for slashing and slicing with ninja ferocity while the elegant accents and attention to detail give it a polished, one-of-a-kind designer look and feel.

An elegant high-polish lacquered scabbard houses the mighty 28 1/8" black Damascus blade. 40 1/8" overall.

hand forging samurai sword blades process

About Shinwa:

Shinwa swords are made by hand using traditional methods in the ancient sword-making township of Lonquan. The sword-making history of this town can be traced back to the twentieth year of the Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty – exceptional sword making continues there still today. The swordsmiths of Lonquan can apprentice for up to six years before they begin to forge these functional works of art on their own.

Each Shinwa sword is hand forged at temperatures of up to 1,100 °F and continuously heated, folded, hammered and shaped before being oil quenched and then straightened. Damascus steel blades are folded as many as ten times to yield up to 2,056 layers of premium Damascus steel. After quenching the blade is then ground and hand sharpened and polished by the swordsmith on a series of wet stones. Each set of these wet stones contains a finer level of silicate particles, which produces an even sharper edge. In the final stages of this painstaking process, the tsuka is wrapped and tsuba and other fittings are added before a thin coat of oil is added to the blade to prevent corrosion.

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Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 4.30 out of 5

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rattles Reviewed by on Nov 20, 2015   2 out of 5

This sword looked really cool online then when I purchased it and opened it right away the sword was rattling in the sheath which was a buzz kill, then when I un seethed it, it was dull, and I think it is heavier than it should be. This is my second sword that I have purchased from Trueswords and I was not impressed the first one I am still satisfied with. I bought this a while ago but never but a review for it

nice sword for the price Reviewed by Seul Chang on Sep 15, 2015   4 out of 5

Great sword. however, it would be better if the logo and the manufacturing info wasn't on the blade.

Reviewed by Jay on Sep 01, 2015   3 out of 5

Not a bad sword. This is my second sword that I have bought from trueswords. I have to say I was extremely excited to get my sword but when I opened the box I was a little disappointed. I don't believe it was balanced well and it looks like the hamon was painted on. Also mine does not fit well in the scabbard. Otherwise not a bad display sword. I do like that it is different and unique.

Reviewed by pippin on Aug 31, 2015   5 out of 5

its a very good sword for the price, but my only complaint is that the Damascus in orange and not the crimson red that I was expecting. gotta love the double blood grove on BOTH sides! best use of my money on a weapon yet! this was my first purchase from Trueswords and the shipping was great, it got here in 3 days and no damage to the sword whatsoever

Reviewed by nate jenkins on Aug 13, 2015   5 out of 5

this sword is amazing i love it the packaging is amazing i got it two days of order it;s perfect thank you trueswords

Reviewed by Calebos on Mar 10, 2015   5 out of 5

This is my first sword I have purchased from Trueswords. The sword arrived within a week of order, which is unusual since I live in a remote town in SE NM. I am extremely satisfied with the workmanship and quality of the blade. The box it came in is also very nice, I was not expecting such quality. The blade arrived extremely sharp, as sharp as my professional cutlery I use to cook with (I am an amature chef). I imagine I could cut paper thin slices of tomatoes with it if I so desired. This is a quality sword and I would recommend it to anyone interested.

Reviewed by layton mccombs on Mar 06, 2015   5 out of 5

this sword is amazing i got it a week ago and the quality is so good it is a really cool blade and it comes sharp the only thing i dont like is the tsuba it is too heavy and think overall a really nice sword for for its price

Reviewed by tasd on Feb 05, 2015   4 out of 5

this sword looks great and functions, but the only thing i don"t like is the hand guard,it just doesn't look right for this type of sword

Reviewed by jdhv_1011 on Oct 08, 2014   5 out of 5

This sword is amazing the blade is very sharp. Correct weight and feel. Was not expecting the level of quality that not only went into the blade but its box. No play in the blade where the tsuba meets. All in all a magnificent sword for the price

Reviewed by Robert Lucas on Sep 16, 2014   5 out of 5

This is an amazing sword

1 - 10 of 10 Products