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Here at True Swords, we love giving away prizes to our customers! The August Sweepstakes gives you the chance to win our beautifully handcrafted Shinwa Inari Katana with accompanying wooden saya. Woodsy and wild, the Inari has a mellow, earthy charm that belies its true ferocity. Equipped with a 28 1/2" full tang 1045 carbon steel blade, the Inari is an extraordinarily capable sword. Hand-forged in white hot furnaces using centuries-old techniques, the blade is impossibly sharp and polished to a shimmering glow. With its rustic patina and sparse relief design, the antiquated brass guard beautifully offsets the blade's shimmering radiance. Genuine ray skin shrouds the handle, and traditional cord wrapping provides a soft, pleasantly tactile grip. An exquisitely detailed antiquated brass menuki is tucked away beneath the desert tan cord, which ideally complements the natural wooden saya, or scabbard. Tastefully bare and satin finished, the saya lets the delicate woodgrain shine through unencumbered by fanciful ornamentation or concealing cloaks of paint. When considered as a whole, the graceful Shinwa Inari sword and saya ensemble mirrors the earth itself, both in beauty and bite. The Inari's graceful earth tones and minimalist approach may appear tranquil and pristine, but this distinctive Shinwa katana has a lethal stormy side, as well. Like the ancient Japanese goddess after which it's named, "Inari" beckons. Answer the call. Be sure to enter every day for your chance to win!