Alice's Zombie Extinction Kukhri Set - Huge Custom Blades
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    Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 4.47 out of 5

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    Reviewed by nick taylor on Jul 30, 2012   3 out of 5

    Not bad over all. Came very dull and the sheath is too close to pull them both out at the same time

    Reviewed by Justin Mills on Apr 25, 2012   5 out of 5

    I was very happy when I pulled the Kukhri's out of the box. the belt is made of new leather and needs to be worked abit so it gets looser and you can sheath it faster. They where very dull but after some sharpening they work very well.

    Reviewed by Robert Clark on Mar 19, 2012   3 out of 5

    sheaths are badly made, barely able to get blades back in without breaking the sheath. look decent but for those that might wonder these are not sharpened or even have a actual edge these are for display

    Reviewed by Sean Kenny on Jan 05, 2012   4 out of 5

    well I got those and really I have three things to say about them.
    1) The belt sheath for the blades is awesome and well constructed.
    2) unfortunately belt sheath is more designed toward skinny people (FML)
    3) Blades are well made but not sharp AT ALL.....The edge is so dull I could run it across my arm without fear of ever breaking the skin.
    All in all, everything was well constructed, but I just would have preferred sharp blades.

    Reviewed by kyle shepard on Sep 22, 2011   4 out of 5

    Ok, so first of, these are awesome, truly a great buy, you get two knives, witch are about 20in long, the blade is about 13 itself, they are huge. in addition it does come with a nice leather sheath, but its a little awkward to grab from because they on you back as a posed to your sides. the sheath isnt held togeather by much also.
    and another thin is these are half tang swords, so there not exactly ment for cutting down trees, and the blades come with no edge at all.

    Reviewed by james west on May 25, 2011   5 out of 5

    just got them and there awesome. you get get what you pay for

    Reviewed by Robin Barrington on Jun 27, 2010   4 out of 5

    They look just like the ones in the movies and perform just as well great for any Resident Evil fan, but the sheathes are a little unstable(Nothing a few stitches can't solve)

    Reviewed by christopher petterson on Feb 17, 2010   4 out of 5

    Ok so this is my first purchase fromn True swords. although I have been drooling over items from this site for over 6 months. I called and asked questions...someone even called me back long distance just to answer a question!

    All how does this item measure up to the several hundred dollar swords and knives I own? Well I am a fan of the movie...and i loved the combat scene in which they were used. These blades are worth the money very sturdy. and really big! but the blade stock isnt overly thick so you can practice with these and not have your shoulders and arms kill you afterwards. the handles are also sturdy and confortable. My only problem is that it seems the blades are placed in the handle and then a literally screwed on end cap with two philip screws. Im not sure how they would stand up to actual choping. They are shipped with a partial edge which is not sharp to the touch but would still cause some serious damage when swung. All in all a good set!

    Now the other half of this set. I was excited when i read the original description of this item.(one of the questions I called to ask) It was written that the belt and scabbards were made of leather. I stared and stared at the picture. then saved it and blew it up on photo shop. I couldnt believe it was real leather. i called and it was conffirmed that it was a faux leather...but a thick quality faux leather. After recieving them?....i would say that was a very apt description. the material is thick and the belt holes are rivetted metal rings to prevent tearing. My only qualm is the stitching. its good enough but there were loose threads so i took some strong vinyl based glue and coated the stitching on the scabbards (front and back) and the stitching attaching the scabbards to the belt. Oh BTW the description was changed as soon as the fault was found in the description...thats a real sign of responsiblity on the part of this seller!

    Bottom line....for what you get....its worth the money...the shipping price was a little shaky but doable, but the customer service plus a quality works for me!

    Reviewed by jill craig on Feb 11, 2010   4 out of 5

    I got these blades for my son he is writing the review.

    These are pretty nice kukris and come with a good sheath. I was pretty impressed with them at first, but then I felt the edge... I've felt sharper butter knives than this they actually don't have an edge at all they're rounded. Even after about 10 min on an accusharp I just got it a little sharp and only around the tip are because they have so much of a curve it doesn't get the whole length of the blade. So I might just send it in to a professional sharpener so he can reprofile and sharpen the blade. but other than that not a bad buy.

    Reviewed by Anne Jackson on Jan 10, 2010   5 out of 5

    i must say, they are amazing. they are a bit bigger than i suspected, but thats completly fine with me. the leather sheaths and strap hold up very well so far, i havent had any problems. they slide in very easily although they are a litle hard to put you back in, seeing as they are behind your back. A very good buy if you like resident evil, or if you like kukhris. i very highly recommend these fine blades. :)

    1 - 10 of 19 Products