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Anime Fantasy Sword w/ Scabbard - Coated Steel Blade

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Limited USA supply.

Intricately designed, this fantasy sword work of art is ready to take center stage in your sword collection!

The coated 440 stainless steel blade has a two-tone black/silver finish and arcs into a pointed guard at the base.

The hardwood handle is wrapped in faux leather and finished in black to match the blade. Includes a hardwood scabbard with buckle accents.

The blade tapers to an attractive edge and well formed point. While shipping unsharpened, the edge design appears highly aggressive in person.

25 in. blade, 41 in. overall.

**Our Current Stock is 440 Stainless Steel, not Carbon Steel**


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     Reviewed by Brandon Berry on Jun 27, 2015

I dont know maybe It's just the one that I got but where there's suposed to be a black cross in a white circle at the hilt there's just four stars :/ other than that though beautiful sword, it's the first one I've gotten and defiantly not the last

     Reviewed by jonathan dubinsky on Jun 17, 2015

omg just got it in the mail. the wait is worth it. this is the best replica that i have ever seen of this sword. feels sturdy, does not shake in hilt. is not as heavy as i was expecting it which is not bad nor good. just lighter than the other comments were making it seem. the sword itself is very well balanced and seems to be right in the middle of a one handed to two handed sword. in the anime the sword is designed to be two handed but kirito is a bad ass and goes dual wielding. warning, yes the hilt is not the same as depicted above as the accurate markings below the hand guard, but the company changed it to be more accurate. please if u have any doubts look at the pic of ausuna's rapier next to this elucidator. the new markings are more accurate. amazing replica, none better than this!

     Reviewed by Chaotos on May 31, 2015

I love the sword. It has a nice weight to it and the detailing is nice. I look forward to buying the Dark Repulsor when i get the chance so i can wield both blades.

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