Anime Fantasy Sword w/ Scabbard - Coated Steel Blade
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Intricately designed, this fantasy sword is ready to take center stage in your sword collection!

The coated 440 stainless steel blade has a two-tone black/silver finish and arcs into a pointed guard at the base.

The hardwood handle is wrapped in faux leather and finished in black to match the blade. Includes a hardwood scabbard with buckle accents.

The blade tapers to an attractive edge and well formed point. While shipping unsharpened, the edge design appears highly aggressive in person.

25 in. blade, 41 in. overall.

**Our Current Stock is 440 Stainless Steel, not Carbon Steel**

    Customer Reviews | Average Rating: 4.63 out of 5

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    Extremely well made. Reviewed by on Jan 15, 2016   5 out of 5

    For $60 I was not expecting much from this sword, but when it arrived those expectations were essentially thrown out the window. Immediately out of the box I could tell this was a well made sword. The centers of percussion are correct, the balance is much better than expected, and the overall quality of craftsmanship far exceeds what I had expected. I will absolutely be shopping here again.

    Great quality Reviewed by on Jan 06, 2016   5 out of 5

    I love this sword, very few places can you find such well made sao swords, I've seen many, but never this well made. The Price is remarkable as well, the cheapest sword I could find on sites like eBay and Craigslist that have the sword listed at $150+! This is my first time buying and will be buying another one of your swords in the near future.

    coating was aweful! Reviewed by on Jan 03, 2016   3 out of 5

    Sword was great but you could obviously tell the stainless steel coating wasn't done well. Especially around the hilt of the sword around 50% of the metal was missed with the coating showing a very unappealing rainbow rust looking color. the sword was well made to be sure but the attention to detail was mediocre at best. Hopefully they will honor the return policy because it does show great potential but could be a lot better of a sword.

    Great sword for the price! Reviewed by Mitchell Docarmo on Nov 04, 2015   5 out of 5

    I ordered this sword, the first version of the dark repulser (the one that's currently $67.99 on here) and the black version of the dark repulser all at once, shipping said I could expect my order in 7 to 10 days, however it arrived in only 4 with all three blades so props to trueswords for that! The packaging was done very well, I did order package protection and they didn't disappoint in that regard. This sword is pretty awesome, I really can't say I'm disappointed with it at all and the version I got was the exact one in the picture, with the "white cross" on the gaurd, not the one with four black stars on the guard that was previously offered. So anyone concerned with that can be at ease, the picture is an accurate representation. It's heavier than I anticipated, a bit heavier than an average sword but anyone purchasing should keep in mind this is a display item NOT an actual sword, call it a wallhanger, SLO (sword-like object) whatever, this is not meant for actual "combat" remember that. It's also pretty blade-heavy so it feels a little heavier than it actually is. To put it into perspective, It's heavier than a real katana which is designed to be blade heavy for cutting power. The center of balance is roughly 4 3/4 inches away from the gaurd. I don't know the actual "tang" of the sword but if I had to guess I'd say it's 3/4 tang. Again, this isn't an actual weapon, can't stress that enough. The blade is completely dull which some people might not like but I don't mind, if you really wanted you could sharpen it. "Made in china" is stamped in small print on one side of the blade, not a big deal really but others might find that off-putting. I'm completely satisfied with my purchase, my blade doesn't "wobble" or "rattle" in the hilt like many other reviews I've read, however you can tell that it moves around slightly if you were to swing it with a lot of force, when I was performing test swings the metal piece above the gaurd on the blade did seem to "tap" the blade and produce a ringing sound, again minor issue. There's really not much else to say other than this is awesome and if you're a fan of SAO you'll fall in love with this thing, even if it isn't "battle ready" I use that term very loosely here. 10/10 would buy again, thank you trueswords from a satisfied customer.

    Great. Reviewed by jareth cristadora on Nov 01, 2015   5 out of 5

    it was well above what I expected to get, really well made if your not looking for a fighting piece. The blade has NO edge but is well made enough you could use it to defend yourself. Felt a bit heavy at first but without hitting things I can swing both it and the "blue repeller" around accurately. So, dual wielding would be possible completely with these.

    Beautiful and wonderful, but... Reviewed by Torin Kadlec on Sep 15, 2015   4 out of 5

    Not hating on this beautiful weapon, but there are definitely some flaws. Pros: -Beautiful, stylish, and pretty spot on with all details. -Scabbard and sword function well. -Cosplay safe. Cons: -Heavy, really heavy. -There were a lot of scratches and blotches on the blade, but that cleaned up quickly. -The scabbard makes a mess for a bit, and scratches the blade a bit, but I bet a little wear and tear will make that pass. -There seems to be a couple of screws loose, the blade wiggles a bit in the handle, but only if you swing hard. All in all, it is a wonderful weapon. Love the blade, love SAO, and love trueswords for being able to ship this weapon. Minor issues, and great quality. Now to get the Dark Repulser...

    the sword is great Reviewed by douglas garibay on Sep 15, 2015   5 out of 5

    I like the overall weight of the sword. A slight rattle between the guard and blade but not an issue. My only complaint is the sheathing. It's very light and not very sturdy. The gray slip over the sheath came off in the first five min of me opening the package. Just gotta glue it back on I guess.

    Previously bought this sword… Reviewed by John Hines on Sep 05, 2015   4 out of 5

    First off, its great, but I received i think I received the Carbon Steel version of this sword. I know from previous reviews that this is cosplay safe, but I was wondering about the weight. Is the stainless steel one currently offered lighter than the carbon steel? Thanks in advance. For mine, I was pretty satisfied with it. The paint in some areas is a little worn but not enough to really complaint about. The other thing is that it is a pain to draw it from the scabbard. It ALWAYS gets stuck. Still, great blade. Any fan of SAO should get this. It's a must have!

    Reviewed by Shi on Jul 28, 2015   5 out of 5

    First of all would like to point out that the review below mine is most likely a troll review or a review posted on the wrong product page. Now to the sword, the sword itself came extremely quick in just six days so props to a fast delivery. It is a very nice replica considering its price and pretty accurate to the anime except for the obvious cross dud which should actually be in a X shape. ( To be truthful I actually prefer and believe the previous version (4 star version) was more accurate because at least the stars were arranged in a X shape) The overall build of the sword is pretty compact and should not easily fall apart. The paint job is pretty well done except for a few blemishes and very minor interrupted paint spots; also should mention that unlike displayed in the picture the edges of the blade and guard are not white but silver or just unpainted. (So more like the one shown in the video)The blade came unscathed and unscrathed except for the tip of the blade which is slightly scratched. Also the scabbard is nicely made and painted and feels very durable and will do its job of protecting your sword. On a side note my sword did not come covered in grease unlike a lot of the others who purchased this sword. To those who didn't know True Swords ship their swords (or most) covered in grease to protect the sword from damages and rusting during transport, though in this case it wasn't covered in grease where because the current version is stainless steel so it would've been very hard to rust or the because the sword was packaged within two boxes with styrafoam and etc. to protect it so there was no need for the grease, anyhow the sword came in near mint condition so all is well. Overall the sword meet my expectations very well with only a few minor "defects" making it a very nice replica and purchase to which I would definitely recommend for others to buy.

    Reviewed by Claudia on Jul 08, 2015   5 out of 5

    Though I'm new to throwing I found this knife easy to throw after I fgirued out how. I stand about 12-13 ft away and throw by the tip keeping the blade and arm in line with each other. In other words don't bend or flick your wrist. The knife will spin as slowly as possible this way which is more forgiving. It will rotate 1/2 turn in about 12 ft. I tried the new spin technique but no luck. As for the knife it spins nice and slow because it's big. Yes, it's a bit of a challenge for small people but my wife can throw it just as well as I can. The blade is very strong and sharpens easily after you ding it on rocks. It would take a lot to bend it. I have batoned with it to split wood and it is tough. The grip is ok but not the best as a replacement for a general purpose knife. Will work in a pinch or survival situation. I wish the rope was orange as it's hard to find if you miss the target. The sheath is decent. I pulled the strap off because it stayed in the sheath well without it.I was hiking with some friends kids and I stopped near a dead tree, pulled out my knife and whipped it into the tree with a solid thud. The kids all went Whoa! Can I try? Knife throwing is a fun hobby but please don't throw at live trees. Respect the forest and teach your kids to respect it too. There are plenty of dead trees around. Get three, it's more fun. Thanks.

    1 - 10 of 62 Products