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Anime Fantasy Sword w/ Scabbard - Coated Steel Blade

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Limited USA supply.

Intricately designed, this fantasy sword work of art is ready to take center stage in your sword collection!

The coated 440 stainless steel blade has a two-tone black/silver finish and arcs into a pointed guard at the base.

The hardwood handle is wrapped in faux leather and finished in black to match the blade. Includes a hardwood scabbard with buckle accents.

The blade tapers to an attractive edge and well formed point. While shipping unsharpened, the edge design appears highly aggressive in person.

25 in. blade, 41 in. overall.

**Our Current Stock is 440 Stainless Steel, not Carbon Steel**


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     Reviewed by Shi on Jul 28, 2015

First of all would like to point out that the review below mine is most likely a troll review or a review posted on the wrong product page. Now to the sword, the sword itself came extremely quick in just six days so props to a fast delivery. It is a very nice replica considering its price and pretty accurate to the anime except for the obvious cross dud which should actually be in a X shape. ( To be truthful I actually prefer and believe the previous version (4 star version) was more accurate because at least the stars were arranged in a X shape) The overall build of the sword is pretty compact and should not easily fall apart. The paint job is pretty well done except for a few blemishes and very minor interrupted paint spots; also should mention that unlike displayed in the picture the edges of the blade and guard are not white but silver or just unpainted. (So more like the one shown in the video)The blade came unscathed and unscrathed except for the tip of the blade which is slightly scratched. Also the scabbard is nicely made and painted and feels very durable and will do its job of protecting your sword. On a side note my sword did not come covered in grease unlike a lot of the others who purchased this sword. To those who didn't know True Swords ship their swords (or most) covered in grease to protect the sword from damages and rusting during transport, though in this case it wasn't covered in grease where because the current version is stainless steel so it would've been very hard to rust or the because the sword was packaged within two boxes with styrafoam and etc. to protect it so there was no need for the grease, anyhow the sword came in near mint condition so all is well. Overall the sword meet my expectations very well with only a few minor "defects" making it a very nice replica and purchase to which I would definitely recommend for others to buy.

     Reviewed by Claudia on Jul 08, 2015

Though I'm new to throwing I found this knife easy to throw after I fgirued out how. I stand about 12-13 ft away and throw by the tip keeping the blade and arm in line with each other. In other words don't bend or flick your wrist. The knife will spin as slowly as possible this way which is more forgiving. It will rotate 1/2 turn in about 12 ft. I tried the new spin technique but no luck. As for the knife it spins nice and slow because it's big. Yes, it's a bit of a challenge for small people but my wife can throw it just as well as I can. The blade is very strong and sharpens easily after you ding it on rocks. It would take a lot to bend it. I have batoned with it to split wood and it is tough. The grip is ok but not the best as a replacement for a general purpose knife. Will work in a pinch or survival situation. I wish the rope was orange as it's hard to find if you miss the target. The sheath is decent. I pulled the strap off because it stayed in the sheath well without it.I was hiking with some friends kids and I stopped near a dead tree, pulled out my knife and whipped it into the tree with a solid thud. The kids all went Whoa! Can I try? Knife throwing is a fun hobby but please don't throw at live trees. Respect the forest and teach your kids to respect it too. There are plenty of dead trees around. Get three, it's more fun. Thanks.

     Reviewed by Colin.K on Jul 07, 2015

I purchased one of these a while back and its a very nice replica, the only issues i had with the sword is that the blade came a little bent/ curved but it isn't enough of a problem to really complain about it. However this is pretty much a decorative piece as the sword isn't a durably constructed weapon, however it is still very fun to own. Its nice and heavy and an accurate replica to the one in the anime. (4 stars- the stars are bugging out)

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