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Arthur's Dagger

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This replica of ancient weaponry features a 10" blade constructed from stainless steel with double edge styling and teeth like serrations. The cast metal handle is brass plated with ancient medallion symbolism and crimson tassel. The matching blade scabbard is finished in a lacquer overlay and brass plated tips with accenting metal chains. 15" overall.

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     Reviewed by Nick Fina on Feb 27, 2013

ok so i got my dagger in today and the look of it was amazing but upon close inspection i noticed that some of the painting looked like it was done by a new born im not on for detail so if i can notice that then its poorly done the blade it self came pointy nd fairly sharp but all in all the price u cant beat it and i am a happy customer

     Reviewed by lucas poole on Oct 31, 2012

very nice fancy and elegant i wear it as my main dress sword the serrated edge is nice and the blade is sturdy

     Reviewed by Teresa Gordon on Nov 16, 2011

The good:

Its Fancy, the blade, the sheath, and the color accents Make this a very fancy dagger. Not forgetting the golden chains on the side.

The blade comes semi-sharp, but still intimidating.

Pretty cheap considering what you would pay at other sites.

The bad:

The colored stripe down each side of the sheath is lazily painted, at best, and on close inspection, was actually painted "out of the lines". There is even paint on spots ther should not be, like splattered on the arrowhead at each side.

The red frill on the end does not last if moved around much, as it will become frayed, and worn out extremely quick.

The result:

In the end, it is a Very fancy dagger, as long as you dont try to find fault in it. and it took me awhile to find the painting problem, so if someone just comes up to look at it, they'll only notice how beautiful it is. And i suggest hanging it up on your wall at a 45~degree angle, as this will make it stand out greatly. I do suggest this knife to anyone looking for a golden-red accented dagger, as this fits, and it not expensive on top of that. If you dont mind little things, this is a good dagger for you.

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