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Battle Ready Cyborg Ninja Sword - Full Tang w/ Back Sheath

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One of our most exciting ninja sword creations, this model was designed as the evolution of our popular Ninja Tech Sword.

Crafted from one solid piece of 440 stainless steel, this sword measures 36 in. from end-to-end and has a crisp two-tone finish. The blade offers a front edge with tanto point, as well as an unsharpened back edge (spine) which adds to this pieces structural integrity. The spine is accented with deep serrations.

Equally well equipped is the handle, which is offset from the blade and wrapped with nylon cord for a secure grip. The tang extends past the handle so that it may be used for close quarters blows or as a window breaker. Extra cord is included on the end of the handle.

Cyborg Ninja Sword Back Sheath

Ease of transportation is crucial for a tactical ninja sword such as this. The included sheath ensures that you are able to take this sword on the move. Made of high quality black nylon, the sheath features two back/shoulder straps with ABS latches and a velcro closure for securing the handle of your sword. The straps are adjustable so you can custom fit the sheath to your body.

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     Reviewed by Eric Brennan on Jun 25, 2015

Okay, So update: i had bunched up the wrappings so i could get a better grip. Thankfully, there was paracord available to me, on top of the cord that extends from the handle.this made the grip slightly more round and less irritating to use. I love using it now. Also, I'm fairly certain Raiden wore his sword on his side, so I made it so that i could do the same. Anyways, it's fairly easy to replicate and secure the grip so it's easier to use. I'd recommend getting some paracord if you want to make the grip better. other than that, it's a good sword. Flexible, sharp, strong front-to-back, and hefty in such a way i feel like I could split a log.

     Reviewed by Eric Brennan on Jun 25, 2015

Handle (nylon wrapped part) is actually shorter than its ninja tech sword brother. And instead of being perfectly parallel, the front and back of the blade taper a little before the tanto point. Other than those minor details, it looks fine. I wish the handle wasn't as wide front-to-back. Kinda wanted it to remain like its for the thickness of the blade, it's okay, but I would've preferred it to be a tad thicker to compensate for length. Hope this critique helps

     Reviewed by Stephen Heyboer on Dec 24, 2013

Favortie sword on here hands down. Want to buy a sword? Get this one

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