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Black Ronin Magnum Fighting Axe

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Named after the infamous Ronin, the rogue masterless samurai warriors. Constructed from one solid piece of hard black anodized stainless steel with a heavy-duty nylon cord wrapped grip. This fully functional fantasy axe is equipped with a 7 1/2" axe head and is perfectly balanced for a no-slip grip. Includes nylon sheath. 22 1/2" overall.


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     Reviewed by victor garcia on Sep 02, 2012

perfect axe for fighting full tang spikes usefull as well as the handle can be thrust at zombie opponent lol great price great service

     Reviewed by Orlando Morl on May 05, 2011

Awesome axe cuts through Banana trees with ease XD I love how its balanced except dummy me when I first took it outa the box cut myself so its definitly NOT a toy or something ud want a chiled to get ahold of over all best Axe on this sight for the price.

     Reviewed by Adam Williams on Jun 14, 2010

Great and durable, I've been a huge fan of United Cultery's 'Ronin' blades, because you know they can be trusted. I know for a fact this axe will not let me down in any way, its a versatile and light weight tool that can deliver a massive strike when needed, and if needed, can be easily thrown. The only cons with it effect the axe in no particular way: one, the black coating comes off where it has contact with whatever you are striking (though personally i like that about it, gives it an experienced look) and two, the wrapping slid off to the point where i had to take it off and re-wrap it myself, but in its construction that gave me no hassle, and within 5 mins the wrap was completed and tight.

Great buy, i also have the united cutlery ronin sword, and i highly recommend any ronin weapon.

easily 5/5

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