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Build a Katana - Battle Ready Full Tang Sword Assembly Kit

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Average Rating: 4.80 / 5.0

Only $84.99

The ultimate fully functional samurai sword kit!

Perfect for both beginners and novices, this package makes a great gift.

The selection of quality katana parts lets you build and customize your own samurai sword, or customize swords from your current collection.

This package comes with the following parts:
  • 1 x 1045 High Carbon Steel Blade, Sharpened.
  • 1 x Handle (Tsuka).
  • 1 x Scabbard (Saya) w/ Lacquered finish and cord wrap.
  • 1 x Collar (Fuchi).
  • 2 x Pegs (Mekugi) for construction plus 4 extra pegs.
  • 3 x Guards (Tsuba).
  • 1 x Brass Pommel (Kashira).
  • 2 x Brass Washers (Seppa) for construction plus 4 extra washers.
  • 1 x Black cloth Sword Bag for carry and storage.
  • 1 x Wooden table top sword display stand.
  • 1 x Complete sword cleaning kit.
  • All parts are of high quality and workmanship and worthy of a Samurai's collection.
Assembly and tool notes:

Each blade is handmade and as such the blade's tang will vary slightly in size and shape among our stock. The included handle has been custom fitted to the blade's tang by the factory. This is done so that the pre-drilled peg holes will line up correctly once assembled.

The included guards have not yet been custom fitted to the blade and may require some light tooling. The guard you select for your build might need to be filed slightly for the proper custom fit onto the blade's tang. If the fit is too tight to position the guard where needed then do not use a mallet, instead make the guard's hole slightly larger using a metal file. Move the file back and forth evenly though the center of the guard and test the fit as you go.

It does not take much tooling to get your guard custom fitted to the blade. The amount of tooling will vary from kit to kit and the guards you receive might not need any adjustment during assembly.

Sword Assembly Kit Extras

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     Reviewed by Quincy Gonsoland on May 22, 2014

This product is solid. It is well crafted and beautiful. I have been collecting swords and knives for years and this is perfect for any collection.

     Reviewed by Julio Felix Jr on Oct 24, 2012

This was my first Real Sharp Katana i played enough with the Chinese imitations to know most dos and don't s and from the moment i opened the box i knew I would be getting more Katanas from True Swords.

extremely fast Shipping\Delivery!

The Quality of craftsmanship in this whole product is nearly perfect, i had my Katana fully assembled in less than 10 minutes it was so much fun i honestly wanted to take it apart and do it again.

the Sheath was the only piece in this set that i actually had to do a bit of filing sense the sword wouldn't go all the way in. About 10 minutes worth with a kitchen knife and it was all good!
HD video of me assembling this Katana

     Reviewed by John Mcmahill on Apr 21, 2012

Nice quality craftsmanship for all individual parts. Mine needed a bit filing but overall a very nice kit for the price. The instuction was rather poor but just you tube it and you will be fine. Shipping time was unbelievable, although it wasnt free, it was here in less than 26 hours from the moment I bought it. Great product. 120 dollar sword + 15 dollar maint. kit + 5 dollar sword stand + 5 dollar cloth bag, plus some added extras that would equal 10-20 dollars or more. Definetly a great value.

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