Musha - Koga Black Ninja Sword Full Tang
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  • This Ninja sword is stealthy and fully functional
  • 27" black carbon steel blade with handmade tempered edge
  • Hardwood handle with all black nylon wrappping
  • Solid copper square guard
  • Hardwood scabbard with lacquered finish doubles as a snorkel
  • Overall Length: 40 3/4"

A very rare find, this ninja sword comes fully functional with a sharpened black blade. All traditional aspects of a ninja sword are represented with this piece. The straight black blade, square guard (solid copper), and a scabbard that doubles as a snorkel for underwater stalking. There is no blood groove on this sword, making each swing silent and stealth. Other features include a hardwood handle with all black wrap (nylon cloth), full tang blade (can be taken apart, 2 peg construction), and black lacquered scabbard.

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Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 4.73 out of 5

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Reviewed by Jeffery Mauney on Mar 31, 2016   5 out of 5

If you're looking for a straight blade for practice, this may be the best fifty bucks you can spend. I bought this because I wanted to try some iaido forms with a straight-bladed weapon. I was pleasantly surprised at the build quality and solidity. Holds up quite well in full-speed forms; no rattling or looseness. Noto with a straight blade is... different. Easier in some ways, more difficult in others. This sword has a good enough balance, however, that experienced practitioners will pick it up quickly without too long of an adjustment period -- and you don't have to mortgage the house to give it a try. I've no idea of the "cutting power" of the blade; I do not waste my time on such childish behavior.

Loved the first one so much had to get another!!! Reviewed by Stanley LaRue on Feb 18, 2016   5 out of 5

As always, True Swords had my sword to me 2 full days earlier than the "package tracking" stated. I have already purchased this sword once before. I love it so much i wanted another one just like it. Great sword. Love it and its "twin". i was NOT disappointed!!! True Swords is awesome. i highly recommend this sword. will probably be adding a few more of these to my collection.

Well made but heavy!! Reviewed by Reginald Harrell on Feb 14, 2016   5 out of 5

This was my first "normal" sword purchase. I also have Chinese hook swords, but those are so unconventional, they barely count. This sword is very nice, and the saya is equally well made. The tsuba is tight and solid, and the wrapping is uniform and snug. It's not razor sharp, but it did make some clean slices into some cardboard I had from another online purchase. I have to say, this sword is extremely heavy. I thought my hook swords were heavy and unbalanced, but this thing feels like a sharpened crowbar. Seriously, I'm afraid to swing it forcefully b/c I may injure myself joints or pull a muscle, and I'm not a little guy. It may be that swords are generally this weighty, and being my first real one, I just need to get used to it. No matter, it will look good on my weapons wall, which is where it was always intended to go anyways.

Love it Reviewed by cody gates on Jan 13, 2016   5 out of 5

Got this sword just today and i was so excited to take it out of the box the wrap is nice and tight the tsuba is nice and heavy duty and the blade is super nice

Came in early. Reviewed by Zach Martinez on Nov 21, 2015   4 out of 5

It was due to come in on the 24th, but it came in two days early, which was sweet. The blade wasn't exactly straight, but it was pretty sharp, and the weight felt pretty nice too. There was also lots of tiny bits of residue from various things, I've started getting it off, as there isn't very much. Overall it was definitely worth the purchase.

great Reviewed by David Martin on Nov 14, 2015   5 out of 5

a good overall sword, had it for a year and no rust or pitting.

Great Buy! Reviewed by Thomas Devlin on Nov 10, 2015   5 out of 5

I recently purchased this sword and I must say its a nice sword. The blade is beautiful and well made. Definitely one to buy

Reviewed by Isaac Weatherilt on Jul 18, 2015   5 out of 5

Just got this sword , and it is SWEET , i am super happy about it. definitely the best sword for what it costs.

Reviewed by Name Omitted on May 12, 2015   5 out of 5

After first seeing this sword and it's low price, I shrugged it off as a cheap piece and not worth my money. But after more research, I decided it was too good to pass up. It comes through on the description, though nothing to write home about. A great starter sword with a good amount modabilty. Definitely one to consider then next time you have some pocket change.

Reviewed by Bruce Kinnison on Apr 20, 2015   5 out of 5

I own this sword, and while it is well built, sharp, and beautiful, it is not a "true" ninja sword. There has never been a historical discovery of a straight-bladed "ninja" sword. The design (the straight blade, the square tsuba) is an invention of the 80's ninja movie craze. Stephen K. Hayes also helped associate this sword design with ninjas. Historically, ninjas preferred anonymity, and wielding a sword that immediately screamed "NINJA!" would have been detrimental to being stealthy and invisible. Be that as it may, it is a solid design, well built, good steel, sharp blade, and attention to detail. A lot of the abilities attributed to ninjas are mythic and not based in reality, but for what it is, this is still a very good, well built, solid sword. I especially appreciate Japanese-inspired swords that don't have a fuller (blood groove), which are incredibly hard to find.

1 - 10 of 104 Products