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Bushido Samurai Sword of War - Full Tang Battle Ready

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[46 MC11132]

Only $34.99

This is it, the Bushido Samurai Sword of War! The heat treated full tang blade stretches to the end of the hardwood handle and is secured in place with a triple peg construction. The guard is intricately detailed and this sword comes complete with gold highlights from bottom to top.

Sword Highlights:
  • 440 Stainless Steel
  • 41" overall length
  • Black lacquered scabbard with gold fittings
  • Battle Ready
  • Low Price.
  • While this sword set comes unsharpened from the factory, the blade design appears highly aggressive in person and could be honed to a sharp edge depending on your usage needs.
About Bushido:

Bushido, meaning "way of the warrior," is a Japanese code of conduct and a way of life, loosely analogous to the European concept of chivalry. Aspects of the code can be said to have developed between the 11th to 14th centuries. According to the Japanese dictionary Shogakukan Kokugo Daijiten, "Bushido is defined as a unique philosophy (ronri) that spread through the warrior class from the Muromachi (chusei) period."

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     Reviewed by Josh Williams on Apr 08, 2014

Awesome sword. Well built, high quality and just plain beautiful. The only downside is that it came almost completely dull, though that isn't too much of a problem for my sharpener. Definitely recommend it.

     Reviewed by Gabe McKeighan on Sep 12, 2013

Just got my sword today its getting 4 out of five cuz my drop point is really low plus theres two bends in my blade where the forger pounded a little hard and the sheath is junk had to fit a cloth inside it so when i pull the blade out it cleans itself of the ply wood chippings and such, other than that great sword for its price very sturdy and good weight to it secure fittings also thxs again truesword

     Reviewed by Brady Bowles on Feb 24, 2012

The sword is nice to look at. Bought it for my buddy. But i looked at it and was disapointed but hey its a nice sword for the price. came dull. Havent tested the full tang. I can make it full tang if i break it. So only 3 stars from me.

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