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Classic Saber With Sheath

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This classic saber features a 21 7/8" stainless steel blade and hardwood handle with brass guard and pommel. Includes top quality leather sheath. 27 1/4" overall.


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     Reviewed by Gabriel Koh on Sep 20, 2014

The blade has amazing quality with great balance, the handle and blade is properly constructed, a must buy!

     Reviewed by John keck on Aug 15, 2013

Decent blade, handle is a nice solid hard wood, i just got it in today and fought in single combat aginst a 2x12 and the blade held up nicely lol. But the sheeth is a pice of junk im going to make a real leather sheeth later on that wont fall apart when wet. But hey what do you expect from a $20 sword.

     Reviewed by Josh West on Oct 06, 2012

Good strong blade. Most of the weight lies from roughly the middle of the blade to its point. Since the handle is the lightest part, it adds more strength behind each swing- letting the blades weight do the work. Point is sharp but the blade itself could only cut butter. Fits in the sheath nicely and is overall a nice and simple blade.

**As a side note, "made in Pakistan" was stamped (in small print) near the base of the blade where it connects to the brass guard and wooden handle. This was fairly easy to file off with several different grade files... still left mild scarring after- but this did successfully remove the stamp and the superficial scratches are barely even visible.
Overall, great buy for the price! Could probably do some serious damage if sharpened (excluding its already deadly impaling power.)

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