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Cold Steel - Battle Ready Sword Cane - Heavy Duty

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This very appealing cane features an extra strong partial crook handle made from Grivory, with a black, aluminum shaft that's 2mm thick and heat-treated for strength. The shaft is handsomely tapered and capped with a thick rubber ferrule for better traction on slick, icy sidewalks or uneven terrain. The concealed sword is made from 1055 Carbon steel and is sturdy enough for cutting and thrusting. 24 1/4" blade, 38 5/8" overall.

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     Reviewed by Donald on Jun 23, 2015

I own a second of these. They are good canes and excellent weapons but the rubber ring that holds the cane in the shaft is subject to break if you take the blade from the shaft a number of times. The original cane had a rubber shaft that slid into the cane shaft and held it securely. I imagine the new design was created to save production expenses but it isn't as efficient as the original design.

     Reviewed by Joseph Cornell on May 12, 2015

First of all I will say I am overall impressed with Cold Steel's sword cane. To start with it doesn't LOOK like a sword cane. No dragon's head, no button release, it just looks like a cane. I am 250 pounds and have a bad back and bum knee. The big selling point for this cane, aside from the above mentioned appearance, is that it is built to be a cane. Heavy aluminum tube body, rubber pad on the end and a handle that fits nicely in the hand. the Sword. the first time taking the sword out was a difficult task. The subsequent times were simple as both of the O-rings crumbled when I removed the sword for the first time. It may be that whatever they use to preserve the blade is too harsh for the rubber O-rings. I had to buy my own rings and custom fit them, but they work just fine. No wiggle, and just enough friction to allow a quick draw of the sword. The sword is very heavy duty and built for a fight. I wouldn't hesitate to use it or worry about it breaking. The edge is razor sharp and it's built like a tank. Full thickness tang secured by heavy duty pins. There are a couple of shortcomings. One is endemic to sword canes and that is the lack of any hand guard. A hard thrust into a solid object may just see your hand sliding forward onto the razor sharp blade. This is a known trade off you make with sword canes and one to be mindful of when training/employing it. The next one is, in my view, a design flaw. Namely, balance. The balance point of this blade is well forward, approximately 6 inches out onto the blade itself. That means you have more of a heavy slashing tool than a well designed "fencer" blade. You have a devastating slash capability, and a very respectable thrust, which I'd recommend doing so by holding the crook of the handle to avoid the forward slide, but not much maneuverability. On the bright side, not too many muggers are carrying rapiers or cutlasses. They are, however, carrying knives which are far faster and more maneuverable. hack slash and thrust and you'll win. Try to 'fence' with them and I'm not so sure. Then again, I don't know too many knife wielding muggers who would hang around when confronted with a whirling razor sharp sword. I am very happy with the purchase.

     Reviewed by E. A. Daniels on Feb 21, 2015

I am adding an addition to my review. The plastic end on the cane cane be rather slippery when on wet or icy surfaces so I just go to Ace Hardware and but a cane end large enough to fit over the factory end . Black pref. It is only a couple bucks and well worth the price as you will see.

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