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Cold Steel - Battle Ready Sword Cane - Heavy Duty

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This very appealing cane features an extra strong partial crook handle made from Grivory, with a black, aluminum shaft that's 2mm thick and heat-treated for strength. The shaft is handsomely tapered and capped with a thick rubber ferrule for better traction on slick, icy sidewalks or uneven terrain. The concealed sword is made from 1055 Carbon steel and is sturdy enough for cutting and thrusting. 24 1/4" blade, 38 5/8" overall.

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     Reviewed by E. A. Daniels on Feb 21, 2015

I am adding an addition to my review. The plastic end on the cane cane be rather slippery when on wet or icy surfaces so I just go to Ace Hardware and but a cane end large enough to fit over the factory end . Black pref. It is only a couple bucks and well worth the price as you will see.

     Reviewed by Ernest Daniels on Feb 21, 2015

I have two Sword Canes for Cold Steel and I couldn't be happier with any product I ever bought. Sharper than you could imagine, stronger then anyone would expect and the tube is heavy enough for a person of four to five hundred pounds. Now you must find a way to stop the little ting of the blade tapping the interior of the tube, and you must use spray silicon on the "O" rings at the top. I wish Cold Steel would make something set to the bottom of the tube to hold the tip from moving. I have seen something for holding knives somewhere that has something full of risers for this but can't remember where. Some plastic insert that has a slot for the top to align the blade with on at the bottom would due. but for a temp fix a rag or cork would do for a little while. This would not deter me from owning one of these remarkable canes though. I am around three hundred pounds and have joint problems. When I go in to the bigger cities I do not want to be the easy target I may appear to be and always take my cane. I do have to weigh the ability to defend myself against any legal issues of having the concealed weapon and the possibility of charges for having it. I think I would rather fight charges than be dead or stabbed by some junkie in a mugging. I always thought that should that situation arise I would poke the cane at them and let them try to pull it away from me allowing them to unsheathe the sword and also making them take a step back in doing so. That is when a sudden lunge forward with the sword fully extended would do its job with them at a bit of a distance. I would take a swat from the sheath while impaling the aggressor. Of course should they have a gun you may be at odds. Then you have to imagine what your response may be. My son had a very suspicious character follow him to his truck late one night at Wal-Mart. There were no other vehicles that far out so he was alerted when the guy was getting closer behind him. He just turned around and put his hand inside his coat and said I have a gun as___le what you gonna do do now? The guy ran off. One last thing I have just purchased a dragon walking stick from Cold Steel and am waiting for it to arrive. This thing is wicked too. strong enough to bash an attackers head in and intricately designed enough to be a piece of usable art. Check them out.

     Reviewed by John Nethery on Mar 29, 2014

Over the years I've had a few mid priced katanas. This HDSC is the first sword that has come close to those for the quality of the blade and edge. My knees have both gone bad. No cartilage in either with bone on bone contact. Very painful. The shaft of the cane is heavy enough to support my 300# frame with stability and no worry of slippage. The blade is the same steel used in cold steels other high end blades. The polish and edge are near as perfect as any sword I have ever owned. All I can say is "wow'. Cold steel has a winner here. Some who worry of the o-rings. The mod I saw here to perform a gentle camphor to the mouth and a little silicone lube is the answer. For those concerned of dulling the blade sliding it in and out of the shaft...I found a plastic muzzle protector for my rifle. It fits very snug in the shaft. I cut an opening for the blade to slide through and placed it on the blade right next to the hilt. Next I inserted the blade in the shaft. Fits perfect, stays in place and keeps the blade from contacting the metal shaft. If you have a slight rattle sound this silents this also. Dibs on this idea if cold steel changes to this!! Cheap mod and works. If your on the fence about a sword cane, This is the one you want. Thanks True Swords and Cold Steel. Also thanks for the good reviews ahead of mine

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