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Cold Steel Cutlass 1917 88CS

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These swords have a history which stretches back to ancient times. Not only were they made famous in close quarter melees as pirates boarded treasure-laden galleons during the great "Age of Sail", they also have seen action as standard issue among many of the world's great navies. Just like the original, both feature a half basket guard stamped out of heavy 18-gauge carbon steel, blued to match the blade. The handles are fashioned from carefully shaped hardwood painted brown and secured to the full tang by three heavy brass cutler's rivets. 25" blade, 29 5/8" overall


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     Reviewed by Paul Stepnioski on Dec 22, 2010

I have many Cold Steel products from swords, knifes, a blow gun, and the list goes on and on! As far as this Cutlass goes it is one awesome blade, and possibly my favorite one from them. It's sharp and solid and absolutely a fine blade. Perfect for close quarters use. The blued blade is not dull or drab but very shiny and has a look of it's own. When I heft it I feel very secure and safe and as far as the so called blades that say "battle ready", trust me this piece is more than "ready"!! And as always again True Swords shipping is second to none, Fed Ex tracking is easy and delivery is never over three days. Again very satisfied.

     Reviewed by michael leyh on Jan 08, 2010

This is unbelievable! True Swords sells this cutlass $ 130 cheaper than the competition!!! The sword arrived in less than a week and was wrapped very meticulously. The sword itself is absolutely beautiful and also very functional. It came with a certificate detailing a two page long inspection list/battle worthiness tests. The cutlass was developed to be used in crammed places and makes a great weapon for close-quarter engagements encountered during home invasions. I keep mine handy close to my bed...

     Reviewed by Ronald Ruberti on Jun 04, 2009

Overall I am impressed with the sword, but the leather scabbard looks and feels a little chintzy for the price. After I got the coating of grease off the blade I realized that the pictures of the sword do not do it justice. The blued blade has a really nice shine. Ture Swords did a great job with the packaging, delivery time, and price. However, the greased up sword was shipped in the leather scabbord. So every time I put the sword in the sheath it gets a little bit of grease on it. I don't mean to complain, I am really glad I got the sword from you guys and I would do it again.

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