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One of the truths of close quarter combat is that a rifle, shotgun or musket can be an improvised club in the absence of suitable ammunition or a bayonet. American Indians in the early sixteenth century observed these facts and wasted no time in fashioning their own gunstock war clubs, which were made of straight grain hard woods. Features included the ridged centerline, a short lance point, and the classic "œFawn"s Foot" handle. To avoid the risk of cross grain breakage, Cold Steel has abandoned the traditional hardwoods in favor of Polypropylene with a wood grain finish. 29 1/2" overall


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     Reviewed by Meg Morse on Dec 22, 2010

im extremely pleased with this, its my first club weapon. I cant believe this thing, the polypropeline is nearly indestructable and still quite light!. the picture doesnt do this justice, ITS HUGE, much larger than i imagined. the spike comes sharp and even comes with a nice sheath. overall a great buy, im thinking about getting the indian war club. shipping was good. great job true swords/cold steel!

     Reviewed by Phillip Mane on Oct 08, 2009

Ditto what Keith said. It's light, destructive, and tough as hell.

     Reviewed by Keith Joy on Nov 30, 2007

Yet another fine weapon made by Cold Steel.
This club is without a doubt odd compared to most clubs out there, but dont let its odd shape and bland appearance keep you from buying this!
Once I took it out of the box I (like most who shop here) used this weapon to destroy the very box it came in...which didnt take long at all.
I then went on to a few wooden posts and begand hammering away at them with the carbon steel spike (which does not seem to be very sharp, but once you first bury it into something you wont even care).
The polypropylene material really makes the difference which sets Cold Steel apart from the rest. They make their weapons so sturdy with this material that you dont even feel a shock from each blow, not to mention the strength that this material offers.
The club is perfect for randomly smashing anything, its perfect for both offence and defence since its shape allows for unparalleled parrying.
The "handle" of this club is amazing as well, its perfect for one or both hands. And the weight of this club is mostly directed at the front, so destroying things with it will be quite easy.
I highly recommend this to anyone who is interrested in it.

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