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Cold Steel Highest Quality Bokken Set - Dueling Katana Swords

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Only $48.99

Set of two Cold Steel bokken swords.

The Boken was originally designed to imitate a live blade without the possibility of causing permanent injury. Constructed from the highest grade polypropylene available and closely duplicates a real Katana in length, size, weight, and feet and has the advantage of being virtually unbreakable, as well as remarkably stiff and cut resistant.

Weight: 17.7 oz
Thick: 1 in.
Blade Length: 30 in.
Handle: 11 1/2" long.
Material: Polypropylene
Overall: 41 1/2 in.


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     Reviewed by Leon Kennedy on Dec 02, 2013

They are very nice. I have not got around to test them out yet, but they seem very sturdy. I plan on sparring with them, so that will be the true test for them. Overall, they feel really nice and look cool.

It was kinda hard to get the tsuba on the bokken, because it and a rubber ring need to be put on. Still though, no problem. All it took was a little bit of muscle.

This is a great buy for people interested in learning how to use a katana. They should be fun to spar with too! Can't wait to try them out.

     Reviewed by Nick Laviolette on Aug 24, 2012

Overall, I am very impressed with this product. It is very shock resistant and durable. However, the tips of the blades are not quite an durable the the rest of the blade, but that is more or less expected. Upon about an hour or so of practice with my friend, the blades have held up remarkably well. There are blemishes on the blade from multiple strikes, but no dents, cracks or any other defect. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give these practice swords an 8. Not for their quality, but for their cosmetic appeal. They are all black and overall not the most appealing to look at, but they definitely get the job done.

     Reviewed by Justin Barnhart on Aug 09, 2012

I love these! Been using them a ton whilst sparing with a friend, and after a few weeks of real use, the only "damage" i can see is a few discolorations on the edge, nothing sever at all. Cold steel did pretty darn well with these, I bet I'll never be able to break either of them!

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