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Cold Steel Hand-And-A-Half Training Sword

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This training sword models actual designs to deliver challenging safe and cost effective training impact. Features black polypropylene construction to create a virtually unbreakable and cut resistant training tool.

Product Specifications:
Weight: 31.7 oz.
Blade Thickness: 1 in.
Blade Length: 34 in.
Material: Polypropylene.
Handle: 10 in.Long.
Overall: 44 in.


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     Reviewed by Dillon Neighbors on Aug 06, 2014

Well! you guys did it again. only 3 days to deliver! So, funny story. I wanted the /real/ hand and a half sword from cold steel but they were out of stock. And at this point I only Trust TS for ordering online. And I thought, ya know, since Ive always been a katana guy I might wanna get a training weapon for large western swords before I attempt to use a sword like that thats A) expensive and B) extremely lethal if mishandled. And boy am I glad I did that! For one thing Im really not used to these swords and I already hit the ground with it by accident. For another thing I really love the product itself! it almost feels less like a trainer and more like a real weapon! The only real negatives are the pommels edges are a little on the sharp side. I mean its not going to cut you but it feels a little pointy on my wrist when I do a 2 handed attack. but that might just be me not using it right. And the balance IS a little blade heavy But I mean. Its all made of the same material. Its probably meant to be heavier feeling though as it IS a training weapon after all. I wear a 60 lb vest when I train so yeah. As I always say, make your training much harder than any real battle you'll ever face. Overall great product. By far the best training weapon Ive ever owned. Well done cold steel. And thanks again trueswords! You guys are the best, you have my undying loyalty! :)

     Reviewed by Adam Valentin on Sep 23, 2013

The deliver was quite quick. And the product is great, I though that it would be some cheap cardboard crap but it's hard and tough.

     Reviewed by Gabriel Koh on Aug 14, 2013

Just look at all the other reviews

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