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Cold Steel Kobun Tanto Knife 17T

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The Kobun is a lightweight Tanto styled boot knife. It takes its namesake from the Japanese martial, or underworld where the word "Kobun" means "soldier". It's a fitting name for a knife like the Kobun, which was effectively designed to be "a good soldier". In profile it closely resembles our Master Tanto, but it sports a thinner blade, and that supports its main function; to be a light weight boot knife and self defense knife.

Like other Cold Steel Tantos, it features the Tanto styled reinforced point. This contrasts sharply with most boot knives on the market today which are notorious for their paper thin points which are easily broken or bent. In contrast, the Kobun's point is highly resistant to bending or breaking because it is reinforced by the full thickness of the blade's spine which runs almost to the very tip of the blade.

The Kobun's deeply checkered Kraton handle is designed to offer minimum bulk with maximum grip. Its cross section was made as thin as possible (approximately 1/2 inch), then contoured to resist turning or shifting in the hand.

The Kobun comes complete with a Secure-Ex sheath.

Product Specifications:
  • Blade Length: 5 1/2 in.
  • Overall Length: 9 7/8 in.
  • Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless.
  • Weight: 4.4 oz.
  • Handle: 4 3/8 in. Long Kraton.
  • Sheath: Secure-Ex Sheath.
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     Reviewed by Lyle Yates on Feb 18, 2014

I am new to Cold Steel blades, being a Gerber man. But I will review this piece as it is, fairly, without comparison to other knives. Very well built and feels great in my hands. It is light, but not so much so that it feels awkward or trivial. The blade came very sharp, allowing me to strop it up to a hair shaving practical tool. The sheath is perfectly formed to the blade and fits and hides well in the small of my back and my side without rattle. The blade is very secure and I have yet to experience it falling out and doubt it ever would. If one uses their thumb against the throat of the sheath to start the blade free (similar to removing a Katana from its Saya), it pulls free well with one hand. It holds an edge well, though not as well as a high carbon steel blade. The trade-off is equal when I consider all the other positive attributes that I was looking for. Some say the hand guard is too small for defensive purposes, but this is a ridiculous trait to look for in any knife. It serves its design and purpose well, and that is to help prevent the hand from sliding down onto the blade. Besides, anyone who knows anything about knife fighting doesn't block a knife with a knife, anyway. Overall, it is perfect for me and well worth the cost. I highly recommend this piece to anyone with realistic expectations in any practical tool.

     Reviewed by Brady Sharrow on Dec 17, 2012

Great knife, cold steel is amazing.

     Reviewed by shane waters on Aug 25, 2012

This thing came out of the box scary sharp, so be careful. Balance is excellent, the handle is nice and thin, like a boot knife should. The sheath is good, light weight, and seems very durable. Shipping took a little longer than expected, but well worth the wait.

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