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Combat Machete Full Tang w/ Saw Back

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This machete is overloaded with tactical considerations.

Features include:
  • An offset edge which puts more steel at the top of the blade. Similar to the design of a Kukri, this offset results in more cutting power and a better follow though by increasing the front blade weight.

  • Optional two handed use. Nylon cord wrapping is secured around the base of the blade, allowing for two handed use when needed.

  • Saw back. The blade's spine is lined with serrated teeth for sawing through thicker brush and other targets when chopping is not appropriate. Useful for shelter building when you need to saw small branches and other structure supports.

  • A combo line cutter and wire stripper is built into the top of the blade.

  • Full tang construction. The blade is crafted using one-piece of stainless steel, which extends to the bottom of the handle and is secured with dual steel pegs.

  • Hardwood handle scales offer a firm grip while helping to absorb the shock from cutting impacts.

  • Most machetes come with a rounded tip, however this model features a sharp, well defined tip. This gives you the ability to make more exact cuts when needed, and has better self defense ability.

  • Includes black nylon sheath with belt loop.

  • Measures 22 3/4 in. overall.

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     Reviewed by richard weeks on May 25, 2014

Best machete I've ever owned! I have 4 other ones and this one is hands down, my go-to. I have a lawn service company and manage to find a reason to use this guy on almost a daily basis. It's super easy to sharpen and holds an edge for quite a while. The piece of metal sticking out at the bottom of the handle, does hurt your hand after a while if you forget to use gloves and that's the only complaint I can think of. I guess the case could be made better, seeing that mine is disintegrating after a couple of years of heavy use and being kept in a hot ALABAMA car. But who buys a blade for the case!? I cut a head-sized pumpkin in two with this machete as it flew towards me in the air! Was pretty sweet. Buy more than one (you're going to save way more on shipping) cuz this is an awesome gift that you will never stop getting thanked for. I'm not fake or paid, just really felt obligated to share my good experience. P.S. the saw on the back kinda sucks but I've taken down trees 7" in diameter by hackin away at them with the blade. Could easily chop off a zombie arm or maybe leg, in one swing, if need be :-)

     Reviewed by Gregory Boris on Mar 14, 2014

Solid, quick and bold, this machete will cut. It has a nice weight to it which will give you that satisfying "whoosh" when you slice while remaining lightweight. Thumbs up

     Reviewed by Gus Callicoat on Aug 01, 2013

although this machete looks and feels awesome it is not.i was cuting a one inch tree and got a dent equaly as big on the blade after one hit

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