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Custom Titanium Energy Melee Sword

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The ultimate close quarters melee weapon!

The most noticeable feature are the two heat treated, Titanium color finish, 440 stainless steel blades. This special treatment, sometimes called "spectrum treatment", causes the colors to shift at different angles and lighting. This effect is similar to the blade effect seen in the video game series. The blades will appear to be different colors depending on the amount of light and reflected colors they are around.

The gray ABS material handle is produced with stunning attention to detail. Accurate in design and size, extremely unique, and well built. Easily one of the most unique and awesome swords in our collection.

27" overall length, 19 1/4" blades, 7" handle.

energy sword handle


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     Reviewed by Shelton on Sep 25, 2014

Good product over all. Great for lovers of the halo series. Beware though it does NOT come with a wall plague even though it is stated in the title that it comes with one. I received mine in the mail and they said it didn't come with one and the title was wrong. Also, mine didn't come with the blades stuck in the cardboard cover, but they looked fine after some inspection

     Reviewed by caleb celano on Jan 26, 2014

Good product! Very sturdy handle, little bit smaller than it looks in the picture, blades are a bit wobbly, other than that you get exactly what you see!

     Reviewed by Dan Flaherty on May 21, 2013

Very Nice!
When I first received the sword, I was dissapointed to find that I had to put together the mount. I ended up putting it off center. But I don't mind because people are too busy admiring the amazing sword! The metal reflects the video game effects well! Because of the two blades, I would recomend using this as a decoration piece. Easily worth the $45!

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