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Defender Bowie Knife w/ Blood Groove & Sheath

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[17 BK2010]

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The 6 1/4 in. satin finish, stainless steel blade comes sharpened from the factory and offers a heavy blood groove. The rubber over-molded handle offers a firm grip even in battle. Includes nylon belt loop sheath. 10 3/4 in. overall, 6 1/4 in. blade.


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     Reviewed by Christian Rossi on Feb 06, 2014

What is bad about this knife is the handle. What is good about it is the blade itself. Long after the handle cracked into five pieces and I taped then welded the pieces together to fit it into a horn handle, the blade still has the primary sharpening on it. Now, I did do maintenance, but the blade is good. That blood groove is only on one side though.

     Reviewed by Brandon Squires on Jun 26, 2013

i thought it was an amazing knife. its also very well balanced.

     Reviewed by Jacob Kaldizar on Dec 13, 2012

Well, I thought this knife would be somewhat dull or something. Turns out it's really sharp... That's the only good side however. This is not full tang, nor is it pegged. The metal butt of the hilt is held to a small metal connecting to the blade by glue. My friend used his index finger and thumb to twist the metal end piece, (without much force at ALL) and the entire knife fell apart. I expected shoddy for $16 but I would never have imagined THAT. I used electric tape to hold it all together lmao.<br /><br />I'd like to point out that this is not a reflection on trueswords itself by any means, only this one product.

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