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Deluxe Demon Rebellion Sword Replica - 50 in.

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An absolutely wicked creation, the Demon Rebellion sword has come to life with this massive replica. Crafted using all metal parts with highly detailed 3D guard and collar.

This beast weighs in at 6 lbs. and stretches 50 in. end to end!

Features include the double edged 440 stainless steel blade, horned skull, ribs and bone guard artwork, steel tube handle and spiked pommel.

The blade has been highly polished, has a defined tip and measures 36 1/4 in.

Please note:

The current stock of this item has some rough production issues. The guard has some play and may be a little loose or rock if you hold the handle with one hand and try to move/shake the guard with your other hand.

The blade itself is completely secure and attaches directly to the steel handle. The guard has no affect whatsoever on the strength of the blade-to-handle connection.

The blade is in good condition but may need to have oil wiped off to appear its best, and may have some light scratching on or near the edge.


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     Reviewed by Rowland Robins on Dec 18, 2013

The pic don't do the sword justice for how bad ass it looks. It's not sharpened but not too worry. The only thing noticed is the skull is in two pieces put together rather than one but other than that it is awesome. Thanks a bunch

     Reviewed by Dion John on Aug 07, 2013

i got my sword today it is very nice in good shape and has a good weight to it so i would say it was a good buy. the cast iron is a bit shaky but meh can be fixed or prefected :)

     Reviewed by joshua king on May 23, 2013

this thing is awesome, the handle feels sturdy and the weight will work well for training. the point is pointy but the blade is flat. it could be sharpened if you wanted to, but there are other swords to buy for such things.

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