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DELUXE King Leonidas Spartan Sword Replica

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[43 BK1388]

Only $39.99

This is our "Deluxe Limited Edition" version of the 300 Movie sword and is expected to sell out quickly. The blade is very thick and as close to the movie as possible. By popular request, we have a true Spartan warrior's sword influenced by the movie 300! Used by King Leonidas and his men, this sword packs as much punch as the movie experience.

Please note: Current stock of this sword has an all black blade.

Product Features:
  • Replica of the sword used in the movie 300.
  • Overall length: 34 inches.
  • Blade length: 26 inches, sharpened.
  • Blade Material: Carbon Steel (comes pre-oiled).
  • Handle Material: Metal with brown wrap.

Spartan culture was diligent and driven to succeed. They worked towards toughness of body, mind, and military efficiency. Sparta did not suffer under the rule of any tyrant or dictator, and its phalanxes were considered undefeatable.

The term "Spartan" still remains synonymous for anyone rigorously self-disciplined or courageous in the face of pain, danger, or adversity.


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     Reviewed by kenneth gams on Feb 20, 2014

This is NOT like the Greek kopis [that's right it was not just Spartan] but is modeled upon it. Especially the handguard. They [I bought two} are huge. Not in length but in weight width and appearance. One hunk of metal with form that is both imposing And lethal. It would not be easy for someone to recover from a full slash or thrust of these.
No scabbards but for price I would Not expect them.
Cant tell you about "quality" of the metal as it will be months before im strong enough to use them for the cardio and strength training I bought them for. I can tell you that it is probably possible for most hand sizes to use one two handed.
If the metal is up to "standard" the form of the sword and especially the handguards should make them a match for any but most massive historical blade. Just first impression but two swords could trap break or parry just about any other form of blade.
Tremendous value--You have a returning customer. To prove it see my reviews of swordcane And Bloodrayne blade. Thanx hope this helps.

     Reviewed by Kevin Rodriguez on Jan 17, 2014

I just ordered this sword and it arrived just before I am writing this review. And I have to say, BEST PURCHASE I've ever made. The sword is excellent. It's heavy, sharp, and the metal on the blade is neither too thin nor is it too thick. It's precisely how a sword should be. And just as a wise swords master once said, "the heavier the sword, the easier it is to cut an opponent in half." Definitely a 5 star sword.

Also, this site has a great costumer service. I thank you guys for drawing an octopus devouring a shark on the box the sword was in. It was awesome, you have my gratitude. Sincerely, A happy customer.

     Reviewed by Matt Enger on Jun 14, 2013

Over all it was not a bad buy for the price, very sturdy, blade does not wiggle. only issue i had with mine was the "leather wrapping" moved and looked tacky, in the end i just took it off and it still looks great

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