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Deluxe Sword Back Strap System

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[01 UC2599]

Only $15.99

Fully adjustable imitation leather harness is designed to fit virtually any size sword scabbard or sheath. The imitation leather is very high quality, looks and feels like the real thing but without the high price.

Provides convenient carry and fast access.

Perfect for traditional Japanese style swords.

The shoulder strap and harness width are all fully adjustable.
22 1/4" overall. Sword sold separately.


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     Reviewed by Scott Kendall on May 24, 2013

Excellent product and very fast delivery. The "imitation leather" is like a very thick rubber and appears to be very durable. Although a katana would be virtually impossible to draw from the back, my wakizashi fits, wears, and draws perfectly!

     Reviewed by matt ruger on Feb 24, 2013

Well made leather strap system. I applied one on the musashi 1060 carbon steel sword scabbard and the Ultraviolet sword scabbard and they fit perfect. The straps I pulled as tight as I could and there is no slippage at all. I ran with them on my back and jumped up and down a few times. Highly recommend these. They will even fit on some shotguns and rifles. Well done again True Swords.

     Reviewed by Paul Gandy on Sep 29, 2012

I have had the system for nearly a year, so I’ve had adequate time to evaluate it. I believe the shoulder would be more comfortable if wider and should be of better material as the shoulder strap cracked. Fortunately there are many leather craftsmen in my country and had a new one made of leather. I was looking for something to carry a katana hands free and out of the way and this system works well. <br /><br />While finding no true faults with this carry device other than the strap material I have to take exception to those who posted in their review that the sword cannot be drawn with the Back Strap in place. It is also possible to remove the carrying device from the back and draw, but that is cumbersome and unnecessary. I have said before that the draw can be done from the back and people continue to post otherwise. Below is a short video I made and should convince the inept it is possible, and should carry more weight than my written statement. <br /><br /><br />

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