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Double Kodachi - Shinomori Aoshi Anime Twin Swords w/ Back Strap

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One of our most advanced twin sword sets! The fusion of ninja and samurai sword styles make this a unique item.

Appearing as a normal katana, the second sword has a hidden handle at the end of the scabbard. A very firm and secure fit, this sword can be carried or worn without the hidden blade coming loose or making a sound. Pull out the end of the scabbard and you are holding a full tang Nodachi sword! Includes back strap.

Both blades feature 440 Stainless Steel, a blinding mirror polish, well defined tanto points, and measure 21 in. each. The handles are each 9 1/4 in. 40 1/2 in. overall length.

More about kodachi swords:
A kodachi, literally translating into "small or short tachi (sword)", is a Japanese sword that is too short to be considered a long sword but too long to be a dagger. Since this sword was shorter than two shaku (about two feet) in length, it did not exceed the blade length limits of non-samurai during the Edo period and could be worn by merchants.

A kodachi's length is similar to that of the wakizashi, and though the blades differ greatly in construction, the kodachi and the wakizashi are similar enough in size and technique that the terms are sometimes (mis)used interchangeably. While the kodachi was a set length, the wakizashi was forged to complement the height of its wielder or the length of the katana it was paired with, and thus varied. A double kodachi is featured by popular anime and manga where is has become the weapon of choice for Shinomori Aoshi.


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     Reviewed by Jonathan Brewster on Nov 14, 2013

Nice and unique blades, however I did have an issue when i ordered mine. the blades were not a snug fit on mine at all and the hidden blade actually fell out and cut my hand a bit, though mine was defective. other reviews gave positive notes on the snug fit so it must have just been mine. I really like this one but was a little disappointed in the loose fit of the blades. They assured me it would be taken care of as soon as possible. The customer service is so outstanding that they are sending me a new one and are testing it before hand to make sure it is perfect so for customer support i give them 10/10. You get what you pay for, but if you truly want a great Rurouni Kenshin sword, try the Deluxe Sakabato(reverse blade). Overall this could potentially be a great piece of art if you receive a perfect one which some people did get, i'm just not so lucky the first time. Don't think i'm bashing this by any means, just disappointed in the condition i received it in.

     Reviewed by Terrence James on Jul 21, 2011

just recieved today, it wasnt quite what i was expecting, blades arent sharp at all, very dull, one of the blades tips is not shaped correctly, as another person already said the leather or w/e its supposed to be wont last very long. but all of that can be corrected so overall for the price its ok.

     Reviewed by Dillon Neighbors on Jul 02, 2010

This is great! better than expected. while the Nylon wrap and leather (i think) handle arent going to last long the blade is sharp, sturdy and beautiful. However my one concern is that I think a kodachi is curved, is it not? so I think this qualifies as a twin Ninjato... however it is far more than expected and at a great price! on another downside however the square handle on the hidden blade does make my hand a little sore... however a true warrior would just suck it up anyway XD

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