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Dragon Naginata Huge Staff W/ Blade

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Naginata is a Japanese martial art form that originated over 1,000 years ago. Due to its massive height, the Naginata was the weapon of choice for battle against horsemen and swords. Stretching over 5 feet tall with a 20" carbon steel blade with intense blood grooves. Challenge your mind, body, and spirit with this martial art classic.


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     Reviewed by Connor Smith on Aug 15, 2014

Would not recommend, broke after a light swing at the air. Just wanted to get a feel for it and it came apart without making contact with anything. Looks nice so I guess you could put it up for display but even as decoration it isn't very impressive.

     Reviewed by LOUIS MARTUNEAC on Sep 03, 2013

Great look. Staff is very solid. Connection point between the blade and staff is very shaky. Not a solid connection. Pretty much display only or VERY light use as part of a costume.

     Reviewed by Gabriel Koh on Aug 14, 2013

The pole is too thick to hold properly, and the balance is horrible, cannot even do a proper swing with it. Also the pole looks shorter than it looks. There is also defective workmanship along the rims of the connectors.

At least barely worth displaying it

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