Dragon Templar Sword
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    This fantasy piece is screaming for attention. Equipped with a 23 7/8" stainless steel blade. The custom black grip is surrounded by cast metal dragon guard which coordinates with the knot work featured on the cast metal pommel. The solid steel sheath is also adorned with unique engravings and details. 33 3/8" overall

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    Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 4.41 out of 5

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    LOVE! Reviewed by Lynday Mansfield on Mar 09, 2017   5 out of 5

    I absolutely love this sword! Sure, it's not a sharpened blade, and the sheath has obvious screws to keep it intact, but that's what I would expect from only paying $20 and I hope others who have purchased this sword are aware of that! This is basically my very first sword, I adore it so and I've been showing it off to my friends and they said it's the coolest sword they've seen. So, for $20, I will definitely rate it 5 stars. I plan to purchase the Excalibur replica in the future and I absolutely look forward to it- Lyndsy M

    Reviewed by Collin Shultz on Oct 11, 2013   5 out of 5

    I absolutely love this sword it makes a wonderful sword piece. I was a bit skeptical at first since its a show sword and I like real, able to use swords. It looks great on the wall its just beautiful and a wonderful decoration.

    Reviewed by Hans Browning on Jul 25, 2013   5 out of 5

    Honestly, for the price it's a really good sword. It won't be holding up to any fighting, but I took care of that by taking off the handle and just wrapping the bottom of the blade. Once you do that, it's fun and easy to use in sparring with anyone. If you don't want to do that, leave the handle on and it looks really good. The scabbard is a better quality than expected. It holds up to a lot and looks nice. All-in-all, it's a really good buy if you're not looking for anything too fancy.

    Reviewed by Burtan Lafleur on Jan 06, 2013   3 out of 5

    Not a bad piece. It looks great on the wall but is very light weight and brittle. The handle is extremely easy to break and the blade rusts quickly if you don't oil it at least once a week. If you want a decorative piece for your collection then this is a nice addition.

    Reviewed by Christian Laws on Jan 03, 2013   3 out of 5

    it's a meh product. meant strictly for show, and even then only a "bulk out" peice for collections. the crossguard and handle are both made of cheap plastic and I find that it's actually easier to grip and hold steady when you swing it (due to the slipperiness of the handle and the swirl pattern that makes it turn in your hand,) by placing a finger over the crossguard. the blade bends easily, to the point where you can simply bend it back the other way over your knee and it comes duller than a butter knife. scabbard point is actually sharper than the point of the sword itself and the blade is sharpened oddly.

    Reviewed by philip miller on Aug 14, 2012   5 out of 5

    it is very good every thing is in the right place and solid. The sword is lighter then i expected but that not a bad thing. All in all well worth the price

    Reviewed by lucas poole on Aug 12, 2012   5 out of 5

    great sword (and my first yay :) the black swirly grip is plastic (but a good durable plastic) the red in the pomell but it is a rgeat sword still + the price is unbeatable

    Reviewed by Richard Wright on Aug 07, 2012   5 out of 5

    This was the first thing i bought from True Swords. Just got it today and loving how it is lightweight, Even though 2 parts are plastic the steel design it self is amazing.

    Not to be use in combat but it is going on my wall i will be buyin more items from True Swords soon

    Reviewed by Paul Meza on Jun 30, 2012   5 out of 5

    This was my first purchase from TS. I love this sword. It is absolutely perfect and it meets my needs. Grant it this sword is not for actual hand to hand combat, it is a great display piece.

    Reviewed by RJ Evans on Dec 18, 2011   5 out of 5

    Very happy with this sword!The pommel perimeter is metal but caps on both sides are plastic(only thing that is plastic on this sword).Filling that cavity with epoxy makes handle solid.Blade is not sharp,but has a tight fit in the handle. The scabbard is great! All metal and looks very good! If we could just get other's to ship as well as True Swords everyone would be happy. A+ Shipping!

    1 - 10 of 27 Products