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Engraved Scrollwork Stiletto Knife - Red Marble

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Nostalgia takes over as you feel a little 1920s gangster inside of you while holding this classic American style stiletto. Featuring an elegant deep-red-marble finished handle and brass plated bolsters with scripted scrollwork, it's the kind of knife you never have to open to appreciate. But, when you do, you'll fall in love with the 4 1/2" mirror-polished blade and tapered edge.

Please note this is not an automatic operation switchblade knife.


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     Reviewed by Elisha Barsisa on Apr 07, 2012

Firstly, I must say that the picture does not do this dagger justice.
It's positively stunning and I absolutely adore it. The red marble on the hilt is quite clear, and brighter than I expected. The brass shines splendidly and gives the piece a fantastic luster. The mirror polished blade is beautiful. I purchased this for my girl and I'm certain she will love it as much (if not more than) I do - If I can manage to part with it anyway. Easily the most eye-catching knife I've seen in a while.
Although personally I find it rather cumbersome to open and close (as it requires the utilization of both hands), it shall do fine for self defense purposes. I assure you it will make a wonderful centerpiece in any collection.

     Reviewed by Brandon Norman on Jul 12, 2011

Very nice knife, but the scrollwork looks far darker in the picture then the actual item. Overall a good knife.

     Reviewed by Daniele Neff on Jan 10, 2011

I bought this knife for my 18 year old son who's a huge fan of Stilettos and he tells me its his favorite out of the ones he owns, and everyone agrees its the most beautiful.

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