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Full Tang Combat Tanto & Paracord Bracelet Combo

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This tactical combat tanto knife is full tang, battle ready, budget priced, and includes a paracord bracelet!

This fighter is crafted using AUS-6 Stainless Steel, finished in black, measures 11 1/2 in. end-to-end. The blade features "The Future Looks Dim" artwork, the handle is cord wrapped (not paracord), and the end of the handle is slated to form a point for window breaking use.

A hand woven paracord survival bracelet is included, made using Military spec. 300-lb. paracord with an ABS buckle. When unwoven, this bracelet offers roughly 9 ft. of usable survival cord!

A black nylon sheath with belt loop is also included. 7 in. blade, 11 1/2 in. overall.

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     Reviewed by Barrett Nichols on Jun 10, 2015

This is a review coming from someone who likes to looks at knives both for their aesthetic value as well as their practicality. I have used many different kinds of knives, but I am hardly an expert. So, my honest, if somewhat inexperienced opinion: What I like about the knife - The blade came super sharp straight out of the box. Make no mistake, this is a *tactical* knife, a knife designed for combat and survival. The knife's front edge is very well suited for chopping and slicing wood, among other such things, and the steel of the knife will spark if struck against flint or fire steel. The serrated back edge of the knife, though, won't cut worth a damn, but it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the knife. The knife looks and feels very intimidating to use. I have yet to sharpen this beast. What I do NOT like - The paracord that makes up the handle's grip is not fastened securely. Granted, it's meant to come off, but come on. The underside of the handle has only a couple of thin pieces of wood taped on to the handle. The paracord began to slide off after a good few solid swings, which is a safety hazard; if you can't keep a firm grip on something this sharp, you could easily cut yourself badly. The least they could've done is added some width on the handle itself and on the hilt's sides to keep it from sliding clean off. (Incidentally, while testing the knife on wood, I sliced clean through the slack that made up the lanyard. Clumsy...) I would rate this five stars if it weren't for the handle's defects. The knife's business end makes the knife, of course, but I don't plan on swinging it around by the blade: a good handle topped by a good blade makes the perfect knife. I plan on either taping or wrapping the handle in something thicker and with more friction to compensate for the lack of hilt. Good buy, but be advised the handle on mine was not well made.

     Reviewed by mitchell secrist on Feb 22, 2015

It's an ok knife when you buy it on sale. But I have no clue what the para cord is for and its too small for me and I'm not even a big person. Get a sharpener because it's ok for a play knife.

     Reviewed by mitchell secrist on Jan 28, 2015

It's a nice knife if you get it when it's on sale for 10 or less. I'm iffy on the grip, cause it's just wrapped not an actual grip. But the bracelet thing is an okay size for me, But I have no idea what it's for. Maybe you tie the knife to it and try to conceal it only thing is that doesn't work in reality.

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