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Whether you're looking for a unique gift or in need of a Fantasy Time Piece for yourself, True Swords now has a wide selection of wall clocks, Mantle Clocks, Pocket Watchers, and Wrist Watches. From the solid construction to the highly detailed graphics, these are everything you would expect from your favorite knife and sword resource.

Pocket WatchOur selection of pocket watches has four very distinct types. The Jolly Roger Pirate watch is popular among fans pirate movies and history, which feature characters with iconic pocket watches. For people interested in their heritage, there is the Native American Pocket Watch, which has a turquoise eagle emblem. The two types of Masonic pocket watches, round and triangular, are popular among Freemasons and conspiracy theorists alike. War veterans, history buffs, and airplane enthusiasts will appreciate the World War II Pocket Watch.

Wrist WatchFor those of you that prefer wrist watches, we have many unique designs in stock, each of which come with an adjustable leather band or metal dragon scale style band. The Coffin watch not only looks cool when it's closed, but it also protects the quartz face of the clock. The Dragon watch has a metal reversible face, with a clock on one side and dragon on the other. Similar to the Coffin watch, it not only looks good, but it protects the watch as well. The strap on the Dragon watch has dual clasps, for a more secure hold. Also featuring the dual clasp design is our Jolly Roger Skull wrist watch, with a skull and rib cage embossed into the wristband. We also have more traditional metal band watches with highly detailed faces, include dragon, skull, and reaper designs.

Desk Clock / Table Clock If you need a timepiece for your mantle, night stand, or office desk, and can't decide between a retro or gothic clock, we have the perfect solution. Both our Jolly Roger on white background, and Skull on checker background clocks have classic retro designs that will bring you back to the days of drive in diners and movies.

Wall ClockAlchemy Guild enthusiasts will appreciate the highly detailed background artwork and symbolism surrounding our Grim Reaper wall clocks, as well as our Alchemy Guild Green Skull desktop clock. The desktop alarm clock also has a somewhat retro design, with a hammer and bells on top.

Grim Reaper Mantle ClockOur personal favorite is the Grim Reaper mantle clock. Standing at a massive 1¼ feet tall, it is sure to catch everyone's attention. The entire clock is hand painted, paying fine attention to detail on the cathedral design, clock face, gothic cross, Grim Reaper, and his infamous scythe. This clock is truly something every Grim Reaper fan should have displayed alongside their own reaper scythe; also available at True Swords. Use this url to view our entire Fantasy Time Piece collection.

Posted on 03 Mar 2008 by True Swords
by Arnold Layne @ 22 Mar 2008 04:11 pm
I think these pocket watches and clocks are awesome! Ever since my brother read The DaVinci Code, he has been a huge conspiracy fanatic. I bought the Mason Pocket Watch for his birthday and he loves it. The display box is also very nice. I keep dropping hints that I want the Grim Reaper Mantle Clock for my birthday I hope he buys it for me!
by John Pierre Lott @ 10 Jun 2009 03:04 pm
hey, i have just got to say WOW! i got the Grim Reaper mantle clock and it is just an amazing addition to my home absolutely fantastic!
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You guys (& girls) at True Swords are awesome. I ordered this yesterday, got it today (I live about ..
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