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Hollow Mask

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The malignant ghosts are corrupt spirits that devour the souls of both living and deceased humans. Hollows settle in Hueco Mundo but can cross over to the human world to devour souls. Now you can protect your soul -- be disgusting as a hollow with this mask.

Made from a solid and thick resin cast almost 1/2 in. thick. This is not a cheap flimsy plastic mask. Includes 1 in. black elastic strap for wearing.

Measures 11 in. overall.


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     Reviewed by Jesse Madrid on Mar 07, 2015

Just got my mask today its great but what made me drop the rating is the poor painting it looks like were in a hurry so hope you guys put more effort in checking the paint jobs

     Reviewed by Tokyo ghoul on Jan 17, 2015

I recommend making a Tokyo ghoul kaneki mask I'm sure it would sell great

     Reviewed by Shaun Dietz on Aug 13, 2013

I don't know how well everyone else's was made, mine is bit off center. It was worth it though. I got it for my older brother because he loves Bleach. It's a bit heavy to wear, You could wear it, if you want your nose to be flat.

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