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Ichigo Ultimate Tensa Zangetsu Bankai Sword

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Average Rating: 4.57 / 5.0

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The 40 in. Bankai Sword is now available in the Ultimate Tensa Zangetsu form.

New features include an enhanced blade with three large spikes along the back, an extra long chain, and an updated tsuba.

Product specifications:
  • Overall Length: 38 in.
  • Handle: 11 in.
  • Blade: 26 1/2 in.
  • Hand guard: 4 in. x 3 1/2 in.
  • Sheath: Wood with black painted finish.
  • Blade is made out of carbon steel and has a high gloss liquid black finish.
  • The guard is made out of stainless steel and is finished in black.

Limited stock on hand. Please note that current stock of this model does not include the "U" shape at the end of the chain.


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     Reviewed by Andy Wood on Jun 07, 2014

A nice piece to add to any collection, any fan of bleach will be pleased with this sword, my only complaint is that the sheath is made out of wood which is mentioned in the description so was not a surprise in any way.

     Reviewed by Raul Barajas on Oct 01, 2013

Very beautiful sword. Sadly this isn't full tang so it's pretty much for looks. Isn't made for cutting unless if you sharpen it. Just saying if anyone wanted this for cutting and stuff. But overall, a very wonderful piece.

     Reviewed by Brady Huff on Sep 10, 2013

The picture does not do this blade justice. It is a beautiful peace. The only problems I have with it is that it is not at it's full potential as half tang and I with it would be full tang. The residue left behind after unsheathing it is annoying the first few times but it stops after the first three or four times.

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