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KABAR D2 Fixed Blade

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Cutting tests prove that D2 is one of the toughest steels used in knife making. Featured here in the classic clip point blade shape that made KA-BAR famous. Constructed with a 7" D2 steel blade with a Kraton G handle. 11 7/8" overall


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     Reviewed by Nicole Hubbell on Dec 21, 2008

This is a great knife, and if you have $100 laying around you need to get it.

The blade is made out of Tool Steel (the same steel that they make engine pistons out of). When it came, I gave it a quick shaving motion up my arm, and it didn't miss a hair, I even shaved my face for kicks (which ironically worked better than my shaving razor).

I went one further step to test its sharpness, and more importantly it's fortitude, resilience, and toleration. I used it to open a can. It opened the can with ease, however a very small amount of the black anodizing came off into the can. The blade remained sharp enough to still cut well, but no longer sharp enough to shave with (I'm getting it professionally sharpened).

The handle has a very good grip, without being to rubbery, and at each end of the handle are cam shaped guards.

The sheath that it comes with is not leather at all, but plastic. It is square and the blade can be inserted in any direction. It also has a very light "lock" to hold the blade in the sheath. It is easier than it's leather counterpart to remove the blade with one hand, however the leather sheath looks 10 times better.

The blade is the exact same size as the standard KA-BAR, so I recommend buying a leather sheath.

All in all this is the best blade you'll ever own.

A must have for any collection (or other uses)

BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!

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