Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver Vampiric Sword
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    Vae Victis! (Woe to the conquered!)

    Kain's Soul Reaver from the Legacy of Kain video game series. With the Soul Reaver by his side, Kain quests to find a cure for his vampire affliction and take bloody revenge on the assassins and corrupt sorcerers who have plagued him. Only with their deaths and by restoring Balance could Kain be released from his vampiric curse.

    Features include:

    • Inspired by Legacy of Kain
    • 440 Stainless Steel Blade
    • Massive 46 inches overall length
    • Includes black leather sheath w/ belt loop

    More about Soul Reaver (contains spoilers):

    Kain built his empire in the land of Nosgoth and kept the ruined Pillar of Balance as his seat of throne. Kain raised 6 lieutenants from the fallen bodies of sanctified Sarafan warrior priests, with which to rule his empire.

    One day, his first born lieutenant, Raziel had inexplicably evolved wings surpassing Kain's own evolution. In an act of jealousy, Kain ripped the wings from Raziel's back and ordered his execution. Raziel was dragged by his brothers, the Lieutenants Turel and Dumah, and at Kain's order was Raziel was thrown off a cliff into the abyss. A natural phenomenon of a deep, raging, whirlpool. Water is like acid to vampires, and Raziel was burnt to a crisp.

    But Raziel awoke to find himself in the spectral (dead) realm and had seemingly survived. His beautiful features were destroyed, and he was no more than a walking corpse. Here, Raziel meets The Elder God, a gigantic squid like entity that claimed to control the wheel of death, life and rebirth. The Elder God explains that he had saved Raziel from the brink of oblivion. Raziel was distraught, claiming he wants death and that it would be a realease from his suffering. However, The Elder God explains that the Vampires are unnaturally immortal and are corrupting the natural order of life, death and rebirth. He has given Raziel incredible power. A power Raziel could use to avenge his betrayal at the hands of Kain and his brothers. Only then, will he grant Raziel the peace in death he so surely wants. Although reluctant at first, Raziel soon finds himself consumed by thoughts of revenge and agrees.

    Raziel was of the spectral realm now, and could only escape into the physical realm through portals opened for him by The Elder God. Raziel was virtually invulnerable now, but had to consume souls to maintain his physical manifestation, and it is the souls of Vampires that The Elder God wants him to consume. When Raziel takes more damage than his physical body could handle, he will return to the spectral realm and would need a portal again to return.

    Raziel finds his way to the physical world for the first time since his death, and has found that he was gone for centuries. In his absence, Nosgoth had gone from a beautiful green land, to a desolate wasteland. More disturbingly, Raziel found that the vampires too had devolved over the years and had taken on monstrous forms.

    During his journey, Raziel went to see how time had effected his own progeny, the Razielim, only to discover they had been brutally annihilated by Kain and his brothers. Later, Raziel encountered Kain at the fallen pillars. During the following battle, a strange paradox occurred when the Soul Reaver, a soul consuming blade, struck Raziel... who was also a soul reaver himself. The invincible blade shattered, and the soul sucking entity within attached itself to Raziel as a symbiotic spectral weapon. Kain seemed strangely pleased with this event, and escapes. After Kain's escape, the spirit of Ariel, the murdered balance guardian revealed herself to Raziel. She explains that when Kain refused to sacrifice himself, her spirit was trapped at the Pillars forever and Nosgoth began to decline. Ariel tells Raziel that only with the death of Kain will the pillars recover and Nosgoth will be saved. Raziel found that his thirst for revenge was not just about him anymore, but that all of Nosgoth lay in the balance.

    Under the guidance of The Elder God, Raziel hunted down his former brothers, who he found had mutated even more horribly than their progeny. His first target was Melchiah, the youngest and weakest of Kain's brood who had mutated into a giant slug-like entity with the ability to move to and from the spectral realm at will, and pass through porous barriers while ethereal. Upon his defeat, Raziel consumed Melchiah's soul, granting him the ability to move through gates in the spectral plane. Next came his brother Zephon, whose offspring had mutated into huge spider-like creatures. After battling his way through their nest, Raziel confronts Zephon, who had mutated into a massive egg laying "Queen Spider" type monster. Upon consuming Zephon's soul, Raziel gained the ability to scale walls.

    On his way to hunt down Rahab, his 3rd brother, Raziel uncovers the burial tomb of 7 Sarafan saints. Raziel was shocked to discover his name and his brother's names over the tombs, as well as Malek's. Angered by this, Raziel leaves, where he is confronted by an elite member of Turel's descendants. After absorbing his soul, Raziel gained the ability of Telekinesis.

    Raziel made his way to the submerged monastary where Rahab's offspring had evolved into humanoid-fish like vampires that had adapted to develop immunity to water to escape the sun. Raziel confronts Rahab (now a hideous sea-monster), telling him of what he has learnt about their Sarafan heritage. However, Rahab simply replies "He saved us from ourselves." From Rahab, Raziel inherited an immunity to water.

    Raziel next treks to the frozen northlands to take on Dumah, a revenge that would be especially sweet as Dumah (along with Turel) threw him without question into the abyss. Raziel once again battles his way through monstrous progeny and finally finds Dumah's body. Dumah had been staked through the heart 3 times, but unless burnt with water or fire, vampires do not die. Raziel removed the 3 stakes and Dumah a 12 foot giant with rock-like skin, rises. Dumah boasts that his power had grown even greater than Kain's and mocks Raziel's tiny size. Upon Dumah's death, Raziel only has 1 target left... his former master Kain. (it should be noted that Kain's 2nd son, Turel, is nowhere to be found).

    Raziel makes his way deep into the mountains and finds Kain in the Timestreaming Chamber of Moebius. Kain, through a series of riddles, hints that there is more at stake than Raziel could possibly imagine and that he thinks Raziel is the key to his dilemma (explained in Soul Reaver 2). Kain activates the time streaming device to Nosgoth's past and jumps through, with Raziel hot on his heels.

    However, Raziel finds himself plucked from the time travel stream by Moebius. Moebius introduces himself as the Time Guardian and tells Raziel that indeed, there is more at stake than Raziel could possibly imagine.

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