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Masahiro - Shadow Warrior Handmade Katana Razor Sharp

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[46 MC11458]

Only $99.99

An intense custom sword creation from Masahiro. The materials and colors used make this sword stand out in any collection. This is the only handmade sword we carry with a light gray faux leather wrapped handle and black ray-skin. Handmade with extreme attention to detail, this sword comes with a sharpened High Carbon Steel blade (1065) and two different tsuba.

This is everything you need to have a fully functional, professional, and affordable katana. Perfect for both beginners and novices, this product makes a great gift for any sword enthusiast.

Product Specifications:
  • Handmade - Extremely sharp and thick blade.
  • Custom engraving on both sides of the blade.
  • Real ray-skin handle, dyed black, with faux leather cord wrap.
  • Copper Habaki and Seppa for a unique combination of color.
  • Full Tang construction with dual bamboo pegs.
  • High carbon steel blade (1065).
  • Includes two alloy Tsuba with black finish (guard).
  • Lacquered wooden Saya (scabbard).
  • Quality Sageo and Ite wrapping.
  • Can be disassembled for care & maintenance.
  • Includes a black cotton sword bag.
  • Current stock comes with a plain box from the factory instead of the colorful cardboard box.
  • 42.5" Overall, 28" Blade, 13" Handle.

About Masahiro:

For more than 2600 years, the "City of Treasure Sword", Longquan, is known for making the best swords in the world. Located within the border of South Zhejiang, and under the Fengyang Mountain, Longquan is rich in resources which are ideal for crafting swords.

During the period of Warring States (770-476 B.C.), a famous sword maker named Ou Yezi created the most renowned sword in Longquan. Since then, the secret arts of crafting swords have been passed down from generation to generation.

Masahiro swords are hand forged by master craftsmen with years of experience from Longquan. These master sword smiths combine modern knowledge with traditional secrets to produce superior quality swords known for their durability, sharpness, and exquisite craftsmanship.
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     Reviewed by Sue Ciccolini on Mar 29, 2014

I am very pleased with the order, it is truly a great weapon, nicely balanced, and not too heavy. I attempted to change the tsuba but the other tsuba didn't fit on the tang, so I put the original back on. Overall, my best purchase from true swords, I am very pleased.

     Reviewed by timothy adams on Aug 14, 2013

This swordbis made of good steel. It was put together ok everything was tight. The balance piont is a little forward for me,and the hamon is fake. All in all it is a very goood quality sword for the price.

     Reviewed by dillon karlin on Apr 07, 2013

I am amazed at the quality of this sword. For the price I would buy it again. Very quick shipping too i ordered it early Wednesday and it was shipped out the same day and to my porch step friday early morning. Thanks.

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