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Massive 48 in. Klingon Bat'Leth Style War Sword

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Warp speed, sir, and bring me my Bat'Leth - the most honorable weapon! This massive 48 in. alien weapon is straight out of your favorite sci-fi series and movie. It doesn't get any more realistic than this with the all-stainless construction and padded wrapped grips. It isn't factory sharpened, but can be brought to an edge.


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     Reviewed by Daniel Enzwiler on Dec 25, 2014

Its a great replica! No, its not sharp. The handles are good, and its got weight to it. So you know its not flimsy or cheap. Its great for the price. Got it for my dad for Christmas and he was speechless! He showed it off to his treky buddies and they loved it and were jealous. It IS big, and unlike some people who dont understand, you get what you paid for. I recommend buying it.

     Reviewed by Donald Parker on Jul 04, 2014

True Swords up until now has not misled me.
That changed with this weapon.

This Bat'Leth is very thin, not massive at all.
It was bent, and almost impossible to put an edge on.
I would not recommend this to anyone that wants a "Bat'Leth" .

True Swords should upgrade to a Bat'Leth that is .25 inches, and made of 1045 HC Steel.

People like me would be willing to pay for such a weapon.

     Reviewed by Candice Olsen on Dec 10, 2013

This thing is freaking awesome! I'd upload a picture if that was an option because the one shown doesn't do this thing justice. The blade isn't too sharp but it can be sharpened if you want to do that. The bindings are nice and tight and don't look like they are gonna come off or unravel (which was a complaint I saw for the bat'leth on other sites). I bought this as a Christmas gift but now I'm not sure I want to give it up!

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