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Product Information
Musashi - Mother of Pearl - Dragon Tanto
Only $94.99

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Scroll for more photos! - Limited USA Supply

Part of our Mother of Pearl series, the Dragon Tanto has a stunning ceremonial appearance. Mother of pearl is painstakingly inlaid on both sides of the saya to form the dragon and raising sun pattern. Completely smooth, the pattern is under the glossy lacquered finish. No two tantos are the same!

Makes an excellent companion to your larger Shirasaya swords.

Although it proved hard to photograph, the mahogany red and black wood grain is very well pronounced and beautiful to behold in person. The blade comes stout, extremely sharp, and with an attractive hamon. The construction is rock solid.

Handmade Rosewood Tanto

Materials and Way of Forge:
  • Absolutely stunning workmanship and attention to detail.
  • Traditional hand forge Muku-kitae method.
  • High carbon steel blade with water temper process.
  • 55 HRC blade hardness.
  • Extremely sharp hand honed edge.
  • Completely handmade samurai tanto.
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Includes carved stone dragon ornament; can be worn around the saya.
  • Hardwood case with velvet lining and black satin sword bag.
  • 17 1/4 in. overall inside saya, 14 5/8 in. overall outside of saya.
  • 9 in. blade measured from tip to top of collar. 5 in. handle.

About Musashi:

Miyamoto Musashi was a famous Japanese swordsman and is believed to have been one of the most skilled swordsmen in history. Musashi, as he is often simply known, became legendary through his outstanding swordsmanship in numerous duels, even from a very young age. He is the founder of the Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu, or Niten Ryu style of swordsmanship and wrote Go Rin No Sho, The Book of Five Rings, a book on strategy, tactics, and philosophy that is still studied today.

Musashi writes about his first duel:
"I have trained in the way of strategy since my youth, and at the age of thirteen I fought a duel for the first time. My opponent was called Arima Kihei, a sword adept of the Shinto ryu, and I defeated him. At the age of sixteen I defeated a powerful adept by the name of Akiyama, who came from the prefecture of Tajima. At the age of twenty-one I went up to Kyoto and fought duels with several adepts of the sword from famous schools, but I never lost." -Musashi Miyamoto, Go Rin No Sho

It is notable that Musashi died of what is believed to be thoracic cancer, and was not killed in combat. He died peacefully after finishing the Dokkodo ("The Way of Walking Alone", or "The Way of Self-Reliance"), 21 precepts on self-discipline to guide future generations.

After his death various legends began to appear. Most talk about his feats in kenjutsu and other martial arts, some describing how he was able to hurl men over 5 feet backwards, other about his speed and technique. Other legends tell of how Musashi killed giant lizards in Echizen, as well as Nues in various other prefectures. He gained the stature of Kensei, a "sword saint" for his mastery in swordsmanship. Some believed he could run at super-human speed, walk on air, water and even fly through the clouds.
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