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Ninja Officer Sword

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We are not sure if this is a short sword or an oversize bowie; Forget being technical, this is just one hard core blade! The two-tone blade finish and high detail handle scream for attention. This sword is just under 25 inches long. The handle is curved for serious gripping, polished fittings and wood grain complete the piece.

Product Specifications:
  • 24.75 inches overall length
  • 440 Stainless steel
  • Stainless steel handle with hard wood inlay
  • Includes nylon sheath with belt loop
  • Two-tone blade finish
  • Based on the knife wielded by the Big Indian from the original Predator movie


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     Reviewed by Robert Kirkpatrick on Dec 18, 2013

First and foremost I'd like to say this item was delivered in 2 days or so. That's insane in my opinion. I was blown away by the speed of delivery. Never had something show up that fast!!!!!

Now on to the quality of the sword. And please keep reading because I have a point I'm going to get to. This sword is not "new" in my opinion. This is in now way new quality. It's clearly old and looks used. It's dinged and scratched up a decent amount. Looks to me that it was just stored horribly where ever they were kept and they just do not take care of the swords. Also the handle has visible glue. OK ENOUGH COMPLAINING!

I just had to put those things out there. These details might bother some people. But not me. This sword looks and feels AMAZING! When I said it was dinged/scratched I forgot to mention it's pretty minor. But it's there. Even with the glue that is showing on the pieces of the handle it is a very VERY well put together handle. And the blade it's self is solid as hell. It is all put together quite perfectly. One thing I really love is the wooden handle. It's a really dark brown almost black color, and it feels great when you hold it.

All in all this is one kick ass sword. And I have no doubt in my mind probably damn near the best thing you will ever find for $22!!!! Do not let this one pass you by. Get it right away.

(Oh and when I ordered this the site said it was not in stock. I did not notice this until I had paid for it. But it still showed up at my house any ways so that's a plus!!!)

     Reviewed by Tim Madden on Sep 29, 2013

Not quite the same as the knife the big Native American carried in the movie Predator, but for $15, I am pleased with the quality.

     Reviewed by patrick dale on Aug 07, 2013

Very nice sturdy blade came sharp and its huge. I think its actually bigger than the one the Indian guy from Predator had.

I bought a machete from WM a few months back to clear some small brush that cost like 10$ and this one is far superior 3x the knife. TS has a customer for life.

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