Nunchaku - Classic Black Hardwood w/ Grip
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  • Bruce Lee's weapon of choice
  • Black hardwood handles
  • Chrome-plated chain link connectors
  • 1 1/2" round swivel
  • Handles are ridged for secure grip

Features include black hardwood handles; 1 1/2" round swivel, and chrome-plated chain link connectors.

Nunchaku History:
Although the certain origin of nunchaku is disputed, it is thought to come from China through the Japanese island of Okinawa. The Japanese word nunchaku itself comes from the Hokkien (Min Nan) word nng-chiat-kun(no-chiat kun). When viewed etymologically from its Okinawan roots, nun comes from the word for twin, and chaku from shaku, a unit of measurement. The popular belief is that the nunchaku was originally a short flail used to thresh rice or soybeans (that is, separate the grain from the husk).

It is also possible that the weapon was developed in response to the moratorium on edged weaponry under the Satsuma daimyo after invading Okinawa in the 17th century, and that the weapon was most likely conceived and used exclusively for that end, as the configuration of actual flails and bits are unwieldy for use as a weapon. Also, peasant farmers were forbidden conventional weaponry such as arrows or blades so they improvised using only what they had available, farm tools such as the sickle. The modern weapon would be an ineffective flail.

The nunchaku as a weapon has surged in popularity since martial artist Bruce Lee used it in his movies in the 1970s, and is also featured in multiple Japanese anime and manga series.

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Customer Reviews|Average Rating: 4.77 out of 5

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Very good for the price Reviewed by on Dec 30, 2016   5 out of 5

Good nunchaku for the price. I got the paired up deal though. They should bring that back. I am very skilled with nunchucks. This is everything you need. It is wood. The chain is good and average in length. The chain length is a preference. I prefer the ones with longer chains like 11 and 12 links. Bruce Lee would use 11 links(or the equivalent rope length) in his movies because he was too fast with short linked ones. But he shows that you can still go really fast with long chained nunhaku. These nunchaku are 7 links long(average) 12" sticks(average) Tapered sticks which is a good thing that you don't get too often in nunchucks

Reviewed by Karl Martin on Jul 30, 2014   5 out of 5

Great product. I've had these for several months, and they work great. The chain is a bit longer than most nunchucks, which makes it harder to swing, but gives it a longer reach and is awesome for working out. The chain is pretty tough. I've put it through severe stuff, even putting all my weight on the chain, and its still going strong. The only drawback is that since its painted black, it can get chipped really easily. So, if you want this to hang up and look good, get something else. But if you want a good workout weapon for a really low price, this is the thing for you!

Reviewed by Mike Cirillo on Dec 14, 2013   5 out of 5

Nice addition to my collection...

Reviewed by Elijah Martinez on Jun 26, 2011   5 out of 5

Very good and well made. I thought it was going to be plastic but it ended up being wood which is a plus!

Reviewed by stephen carden on Apr 14, 2011   5 out of 5

Great weapon I agree wit the chain a little short. But a great buy for a great price. This is my second one the first was damaged and True Swords sent me a replacement in less than 2 days after notifying them about it. Man talk about quality customer service, I love these guys and this website is the best. I told all my friends about it, Thanks a million True Swords. Faithful customer for life.

Reviewed by Jonathan DeJong on Feb 16, 2011   3 out of 5

Slick and deadly! The only drawback I can think of is in the chain. It's about one inch too long and isn't fastened very well to the handle. It is also quite noisey when you are swinging them around.

Reviewed by Shaun Jackson on Jun 09, 2010   5 out of 5

Strong weapon, hard at first but can cause some serious damage when mastered. I have also learned that you need complete concentration or you could get a good whack to the head... knocked myself out for a few hours but I;m still in love with them.

Reviewed by Troy Bomar on Apr 28, 2010   5 out of 5

These are freaking awesome. Hard, sturdy, and just heavy enough to be able to do some real damage. Get these. Great price, too. Not too good to practice with though. It will hurt if you hit yourself with them.

Reviewed by Tyler Foerster on Dec 30, 2009   5 out of 5

Lightweight, but REALLY hurts. Fun to play with, but beware! Strong & Sturdy.

Reviewed by Tarrance Pate on Nov 03, 2009   5 out of 5

This weapon of a ton destruction is very well made. the chains and wood are very solid. I got the foam ones to train for these cause they hurt like hell if you hit yourself. Great buy

1 - 10 of 13 Products