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Ontario sp2 Air Force Survival

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Spec Plus Knives, Ontario"s vision of the next generation of military and sporting knives. Features epoxy powder coated blades, full tang construction, grooved Kraton polymer handles with integral guards and lanyard holes. Combination leather/Cordura sheath. Proudly made in the U.S.A. Equipped with a 5 1/2" 1095 carbon steel blade, with saw tooth back and blood groove. 10 5/8" overall


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     Reviewed by Ezekarra Keono on Sep 23, 2012

I received this blade yesterday, and i am more than please. I've been working with knives of all types and qualities for awhile, and i gotta say, this piece is up there.

First, the knife itself. The handle was a little bigger than expected, but it has a very nice feel to it and has a very good grip, even when wet. The kraton material feels almost softer than what you would find on something like a Ka-Bar. The guard is almost like a hard rubber material, and is indeed slightly flexible, but serves its purpose well. The blood groove on the blade isn't nearly as deep as depicted in the picture. It came very sharp, though the top edge seems a little rougher and duller than the primary edge. Keep in mind that the saw back is completely useless for sawing through anything other than what it was designed for, which is cutting through aircraft aluminum. Overall, it feels like a very solid, sturdy blade.

Now, the sheath. It's got a leather back, but a hard, nylon front, which i don't mind. It's a fairly sturdy sheath. It has two straps; One nylon that clips over the guard for both left and right use, and a hard leather one on the top that clips over the handle. The top strap is rather difficult to fasten, as it is meant to hold the knife very firmly in place it seems. It also came with a plastic clip on the bottom of the sheath with some shoestring to tie the knife down to your leg, or vest and what not. All in all, i really like the sheath.

Overall, i'd give this piece 10 out of 10. Well worth the money.

     Reviewed by Chandler Swink on Jan 18, 2012

Solid knife, but the serrations on the back are useless. It was also very dull. Other than that, a good buy.

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