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Post-apocalyptic Machete Short Sword

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Designed for the lone nomad warrior within, this kukri machete is ready to protect and defend while on the move.

Forged from thick stainless steel and featuring a black nylon wrapped pistol grip handle. A matching sheath with shoulder strap and snap closure is included.

Packing an 11 3/4 in. blade with ultra sharp cutting edge, and measuring 17 in. overall, this piece can be carried without becoming cumbersome.

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     Reviewed by Raymond Feliciano on Feb 14, 2013

The blade was very dull..i knew it would be short but not so thin.if it was a tad thicker with a little more wieght for the bigger zombies.the thick skull zombies.

     Reviewed by Andrew Cousins on Dec 18, 2012

Decent weapon for how much your paying for it, out of the box it was pretty dull but it didn't take to long to sharpen. Nice weight, good length and the sheath isn't to bad either. I didn't like the China marking on the side and the blade wasn't perfectly made. Still good for how much it costs.

     Reviewed by Jose Romero on Dec 08, 2012

doesn't really looks like the one in the pictures. stainless steel have some corrosion... tip of the blade is chipped if I hit something with it probably will break...cord wrap very cheap my shoe laces will do better service sux box seems had a bad trip all beaten up....

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