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Professional Ninja Chain Whip - 8 Sections

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This ancient tool originated in the feudal era and was designed as a defense during sword battles. Features solid steel construction with cast metal ring attachments. Each section is 2 7/8" long and the overall length is 42 in.

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     Reviewed by William Frattarelli on Apr 09, 2014

The whip is too short to have any real value as a weapon, but as a collector's piece it's quite nice. It's sturdily made, and I haven't had any real issues with it. I'd recommend it, ESPECIALLY given the price.

     Reviewed by Jeffrey Yeaton on Apr 03, 2013

Very light weight, easy to swing. Excellent for concealment, I can put it in my pocket. I would like it two or three feet longer. I cannot actually use it as a whip, but a spinning mass of hard steel in front of you is nothing anyone wants to fight through. This is a great deterrent and will avoid a fight.

     Reviewed by Ryan Caron on Aug 12, 2012

Excellent price. wonderful weight to the product but not quite as long as i thought it would be. i think it would be the best with 1 more link in the chain. aside from minor paint flaking after use and the need for a little bit of lube to stop the chain from locking up, it handles wonderfully. good buy for the price.

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