Professional Ninja Chain Whip - 8 Sections
[31 BK1077]



     Reviewed by William Frattarelli on Apr 09, 2014

The whip is too short to have any real value as a weapon, but as a collector's piece it's quite nice. It's sturdily made, and I haven't had any real issues with it. I'd recommend it, ESPECIALLY given the price.

     Reviewed by Jeffrey Yeaton on Apr 03, 2013

Very light weight, easy to swing. Excellent for concealment, I can put it in my pocket. I would like it two or three feet longer. I cannot actually use it as a whip, but a spinning mass of hard steel in front of you is nothing anyone wants to fight through. This is a great deterrent and will avoid a fight.

     Reviewed by Ryan Caron on Aug 12, 2012

Excellent price. wonderful weight to the product but not quite as long as i thought it would be. i think it would be the best with 1 more link in the chain. aside from minor paint flaking after use and the need for a little bit of lube to stop the chain from locking up, it handles wonderfully. good buy for the price.

     Reviewed by joshua king on Apr 14, 2012

i use mine more for counter weight on a polypropylene sword i purchased than as a whip. i guess i like my eyes and walls too much. with practice, it could be a great training item.

     Reviewed by Joseph Greenwell on Apr 02, 2012

definatly an effective weapon. its solid, good weights on both ends. swings and spins well. only issue i have with it was when it came the metalic paint didnt flake off but for the first few times i used it and even now after use my hands are covered in shiny speckles of something. other than that its great!

     Reviewed by Dylan Wolfer on Nov 28, 2011

very satisfied, although i mistook the tip in the picture as a blade... don't make that mistake! anyway it is very solid and well made. the tip is not as pointed as the picture depicts but it doesn't affect the fact that it is still very effective and potentially discrete weapon. also be advised hat the ends of the links can bend if used on a solid object. overall great buy.

     Reviewed by chris brown on Sep 30, 2011

Quite a nice weapon. I really enjoyed this... until the chains broke. i would often smack it against boxxes for fun. It pierced cardboard Very well. The color stayed the nice chrome until i stopped using it. The only part that faded was the tip of the one of the piercing side. Beneath it, was a copper or bronze color. Some of the chain parts also flaked, very minor though. Overall, this item was good for the 10 bucks i paid. I am most likely going to buy another one, just cause it was so much fun swinging around.

     Reviewed by James McAlister on Jan 07, 2011

this thing is a lot longer then i thought, made of heavy duty steel. the handle needed some oil to turn smoothly but over all a great buy for the price!

     Reviewed by Austin Taylor on May 25, 2010

This whip is pretty bad ass. Its very sturdy, and looks even more epic then in the picture. It handles well, there was no rust on any part of the whip. When swinging be careful as it will come back and hit you.

     Reviewed by Kyle Ellis on May 24, 2010

The whip is very nice, it has quite a bit of momentum once you get it swinging around, the only problem I've had with it thus far though, is the first time i hit something decently solid with it, the links flew off. I took the time to weld all of the metal rings that connect it together and I haven't had a problem since, hitting the same things.

So, It is worth the money, cant beat 10$, but if you plan on using it a lot and hitting more solid things with it, you should definitely take the time to weld the links together if you have the ability to do that.

Also, I was expecting it to be slightly longer, but considering they provided measurements and I didn't look at them, I wont put that into consideration when rating.

     Reviewed by Benjamin Fisher on Jan 14, 2010

This whip is perfect for self defense, It is long enough to hit someone from 5-6 paces away, and it is small enough to fit in a pocket, in fact, I carry mine with the handle in my watch pocket and the rest in my main, and it looks like a nice key chain. The point is nice and sharp, a good find for a great price.

     Reviewed by Kim Maxwell on Aug 06, 2009

For the price this is a pretty cool weapon. I'd been wanting some kind of a manriki or chain whip for some time & this one is perfect, especially for someone not proficient or familiar with the weapon. It is not an easy weapon to master, and takes a lot of practice in order to wield it properly & not injure yourself in the process. The reason I say this is good for a beginner is because it's a little shorter, not like those 20-30' ones you see experts putting on shows with on youtube (look up chain whips, there's some amazing videos & you can learn a little about how to whip this thing around and not knock yourself out with the backlash). If you think nunchucks are hard then be prepared, the chain whip is even more difficult.

The handle has a ball swivel, which is great because it keeps it from kinking up when you spin it around. I occasionally oil it so it slides around smoother. The chain links are stainless steel & will not open up on you - they can take a lot of abuse. The solid sections are chrome-plated brass. The tip is another, heavier section, with a point on it (not sharp, but it doesn't need to be). The cool thing is that you can fold it up so it is EASILY concealed, yet when you pull it out, you suddenly have a full-size weapon on you with a reach longer than a sword. There are many different kinds of attacks you can make with it, but the key to mastering it is to learn to expect how it is going to react. If you don't, you can end up giving yourself a black eye or a real bone-shattering injury. Ninjas liked this weapon because it could also be used to climb, as a choking weapon, a tripping weapon, and something to pull the sword out of the hand of an opponent.

For 10 bux, it's a good deal while still being heavy duty & being able to stand up to use, abuse, and practice. The metal may get little dents in it from hitting stuff but so what. Add this to your ninja weapons arsenal!

     Reviewed by Michael Santangelo on Jul 11, 2009

it was a little smaller than i expected, but its a great tool nonetheless. its worth every penny. :3

     Reviewed by Blake Wheeler on Jul 03, 2009

Great value for the money.

One thing to watch for though.... be sure the ring links are fully closed (easy enough to do with a pair of pliers and vise). Mine had a small gap in one ring. While it wasn't big enough to pull the rings apart manually, once it got to swinging the force pulled them apart as I tested it on the shipping box. Naturally, one-and-a-half feet of heavy chain flying freely through the air is a bit dangerous, not to mention will startle the hell out of you. Just something to watch for.

Otherwise, great item for $10. As always trueswords delivered their usual speedy shipping.

     Reviewed by corey gillam on Jun 20, 2009

i have alot of fun, but i am going to buy two more and have a 16 section whip and a 8 section

     Reviewed by Daulton Carrigan on Apr 18, 2009

This is a good whip, shipping is quick, and it is durable.

Unfortunately, mine did come with a bit of rust in the handle, it wasn't major but it still is annoying, WD-40 keeps it working really smooth though.

     Reviewed by john campbell on Jan 22, 2009

this is a great looking show peace but for use i wouldn't recomend it. if i where to use it i expect it will break after one swing

     Reviewed by Enrico Ughetti on Nov 30, 2008

Cool if you want someting to play real at Cyberpunk.

Heavy metal chain. Not extremly strong the joint rings.

Price unbeatable

     Reviewed by nick smith on Nov 03, 2008

this is the coolest thing ever, its a lot longer than expected its well worth the moneyand quite deadly

     Reviewed by Quang Le on Oct 04, 2008

these whips were great!...

i bought two and they are very destructive..

the few things i had a problem with was that they were rusted, a little on each of the joints... some oil will be needed if you plan to have a smooth movment of these whips....

another thing was that i bought two and they were not the same size... the sections were the same but the end head of one of my whips were shorter by about one inch... its not really that big of a deal, but i just plan to use two whips at the same time, if one is bigger than the other it throws me off balance...

the chain whip is one of the most feared weapons and one of the most difficult to weild, because of its fluid movment, it can attack in a curve, but all the more it is easy to hurt yourself with a whip....

     Reviewed by jordan addington on Jul 18, 2008

really nice weapon for $10 but there are 2 little problems one the handle is too short and the link on the end of the handle makes it feel odd when u try to twirl it makeing a little harder to use but it will hurt to get hit by this thing trust me and it is really easy to conceal it u could effortlessly place this in ones pocket and still have pleanty of room for other stuff

     Reviewed by James Shelton on Aug 31, 2007

A lot heavier than I expected, you could seriously hurt someone with this. And if you don't use it as a whip you could still use it as a chain to choke someone. Very sturdy and easily concealed (the box it came in was a little bigger than 2x2x5 inches). A good thing to keep in your glove box in case of road rage ^_^

     Reviewed by Bryce Roinestad on Jul 28, 2007

this has far exceeded my expectations in every way. first, im about 5'somethin, and this whip is as tall as i am. (no im not a midget im 14) second, its alot thicker than i imagined it would be, dont be expecting something incredibly light either, this weighs about wat id antisipate for a whip its size. its durible, too. over all, its an amazing weapon though i wouldnt expect to see someone facing off with 15 ninjas, but it mite be fun to watch. it has an aw inspiring look to it as well. id highly recommend this to anyone in training, that collects, or just wants somethin pretty bad ass for theyre room.

     Reviewed by Dan Slutz on Jul 04, 2007

great and deadly weapon. It tore clean through a sheet of drywall in one powerful blow. It is a good thing there is no blade on the end of it or I could be in a lot of pain right now(I accidentally hit myself on the head).Very good though

     Reviewed by Andrew Daddario on Nov 29, 2006

To call this a deadly weapon would be putting it lightly. The heavy bullet end is well suited for more focused impact upon its target without nessesarily piercing it. This weapon opens up many options in both one on one and multiple assailant scenerios (Not that you should carry one with you). Any fan of ninja history will enjoy this item.

     Reviewed by Joshua Bordo on Sep 18, 2006

This chain is very nice and certainly heavier than I expected. If you know how to use this right it has a nice whip reaction to it. I tried it on a box tore a nice hole in it. A piece to any collection due to its unique style.

     Reviewed by The ThirdBullet on Aug 28, 2006

I purchased the "professional Ninja" Chain whip, and obviously, have a few things to say (clearly, I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't, now would I?)

First, I'm going to say that I'm very impressed with the speed of delivery. I ordered it on a wedensday, and it arrived at my house on a friday afternoon, with standard shipping, so +1 for true swords there.

Second, I like the overall appearance of the whip, and it looks very nice with the rest of my collection, but there are a few problems I'd like to address.

The first and formost problem I had was with the grip on the handle. It's basically just a piece of string wrapped around the handle, and after a maximum of ten minutes handling it, the string started to unravel. (I know it's for decoration, but c'mon, how many of you just leave this type of stuff collecting dust? I think not, you took it outside and swung it about for a bit, didn't you?) Now, not that this causes a major problem, as I don't see myself geting into too many ninja battles where I need a sure grip on my weapon in the near future, but it would be nice to see some more effort put into that little issue, especially if you're into the martial arts and want to use this for a kata.

The only other problems I had were fairly superficial, such as a few (minor) dings and scratches on the "bullet" and handle, as well as some of the links and rings, but hey, what do you want for $12.

All in all, I'd say add this one to your collection, it looks great, and it's fairly unique, as the only thing close to it I've seen is a Manriki chain, just don't go bringing this to your next school yard rumble (I'm looking at you, mall ninjas.)

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