King Leonidas Spartan Sword Replica
[46 MC11438]



     Reviewed by Robin Scott on Dec 27, 2012

Good sword. Full tang, sharp, and sturdy.

     Reviewed by Jared Marston on Nov 30, 2012

Great blade for starting collectors.

     Reviewed by Bradley Clark on Oct 16, 2012

Such an awesome weapon. And yes, I purchased mine for the specific reason of self defence. I'm pretty sure our government is on the brink of collapsing, so when anarchy breaks out, I wanted to be able to chop some heads off. I can't yet own a gun, but I can be a Sparta all day! BUY NOW!

     Reviewed by Iracema Del Rio on Mar 15, 2012

This sword is razor sharp! Extremely great sword for the price, it worth so much more than just 25 bucs. I was VERRY disappointed with the sheath it just sucks but then again i didnt buy the product for the sheath. I say you buy this sword NOW!

     Reviewed by Shane O'Neil on Jan 17, 2012

Got this sword this morning, and I'm glad to say that unlike some of the reviews I read, the tip was neither bent nor broken. The sheath, reported by many to be very cheap, actually isn't that bad. Granted I have to take the time to undo the zipper before drawing the sword, but that just makes it so I'm less likely to drop it. The sword is very sturdy, and sharp, though I think it will take some time to get used to the leather on the handle. This is a great sword, especially for such a low price, and will work great for display, and probably for hacking at weeds or another person's sword. I highly recommend this sword for anyone who loved the 300 movie, or reading about the actual battle. I can't wait to but from True Swords again. Thank you True swords for your great service.

     Reviewed by Dustin Oder on Jan 12, 2012

Super sharp and nice, it's like the machete I always wanted

     Reviewed by joseph ritch on Dec 22, 2011

ommm ima start by saying im scared to really swing it as soon as it got here i sharpened it it was already sharp but not to my liking but i swung it once and sliced i huge hole in my blanket, sheet and bed lol oops all around great sword thou

     Reviewed by joseph cusick on Aug 18, 2011

just what it looks like guys. and very sturdy

     Reviewed by joe carvin on Apr 15, 2011

i have had this sword for a few years now.. its still my best friend. keeps a great edge, hell i use it to clear brush in my yard when i get bored. do not stab it into anything!!! my old roommate broke the tip that way. all in all. best thing i have ever bought from true swords

     Reviewed by mary richmond on Feb 17, 2011

This thing is so amazing I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel like a real Spartan

     Reviewed by michael may on Nov 28, 2010

amazeing sword a little over priced but still its strong and very sharp so i would suggest this one over the other one its so sharp that when i stood the box up that it came in it sliced right through it im very happy

     Reviewed by Aleksandar Ivicic on Jun 05, 2010

Smaller than I expected. Lighter than I expected.

Both work out to my favor too! =D
For the price, it's very good. It was expecting the hilt to at least bit a bit larger.

I'm impressed with the quality. It's also quite sharp.


     Reviewed by Rick Roland on Apr 18, 2010

i have three swords from this website and this one is my favorite it is sturdy, sharp, and has an awesome leather grip.

     Reviewed by Shelly Schossow on Dec 29, 2009

Very good blade. Cheap zipper that broke on the sheath, but the handle has an upper velcrow strap that makes that not a problem. The blade is sharp and has a very good point to it. Only complaint is that the finish comes off because of unsheathing. But it looks very nice

     Reviewed by Brett Adams on Dec 29, 2009

Great product! Feels great in the hand. Looks extremely cool.

     Reviewed by Shanon Walker on Aug 07, 2009

Absolutely incredible. The metal quality of this sword surpasses all other swords i have collected.

Pros: Incredible metal Quality, Magnetized carbon alloy

Cons: Leather wrapped handle is quite cheap, but tolerable.

Better than the more expensive leonidas sword.
The ultimate battle ready sword.

     Reviewed by Suzzane Malecha on Jul 16, 2009

I just got this sword, iit is extremely sharp, when I tested out the seide of the blide by skimming my thumb across, it left a nice little cut, for some reason mine did not come with a sheath, which was a little inconvenient, but overall, a well built, extremely sharp, must have sword.

     Reviewed by hyun kim on Jun 30, 2009

SHARP...becareful...good bushwhacker and decapper.

     Reviewed by Dave Haynes on Jun 08, 2009

I really love this blade. The integrity of the blade is not compromised even after a few practice cuts--did not dull at all either. The piercing point is of very fine quality. I want another one!

     Reviewed by mark killian on May 11, 2009

very good sword little heavy,but it is sharp at the point and also will not brake easily.

     Reviewed by bob koulakjian on Sep 05, 2008

Very good sword, comfortable, and not too heavy. Only complaint i have is the blade gets dinged up easily, besides that very good sword!!!

     Reviewed by Matt Brockman on Jul 12, 2008

I just got my spartan sword the other day, and wow! it is very sharp, and very well built. It's not flimsy at all. Sweet!

     Reviewed by Michael Kahl on Jun 13, 2008

This is an excellent buy. Very sharp, very cool look. The sheath is cheap to say the least, but that isnt enough to stop me from giving this blade a 5. Worth every penny.

     Reviewed by David Unkelbach on Apr 15, 2008

This was a great deal the blade was nice and sharp the sword was a great weight all and all im happy with what a got this company knows what the customers want and need

     Reviewed by Joshua Ingersoll on Mar 16, 2008

An excellent sword. Finely crafted, and pretty sharp. A good movie replica.

     Reviewed by Jared Bellino on Dec 26, 2007

sword is excelent and extremely sharp

     Reviewed by Ryan Munoz on Sep 19, 2007

love this sword... i just got it in and it looks great...

this was the second time i ordered from true sword and just like last time... service was great

     Reviewed by Zachary Williford on Aug 31, 2007

Fantastic Sword!!! Very Sharp, so be cautious! I see no problems or imperfections with the sword, A++

Looking forward to purchase from True Swords again soon.

     Reviewed by Chris Singleton on Aug 29, 2007

This Sword is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A must buy product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Reviewed by Marcus Rodriguez on Aug 09, 2007

This is an amazing sword. It has a great and sturdy feel to it and it is sharpened (on both sides so be careful). The handle feels thinner than I expected, but it's not really a problem. Also, be careful when you resheath it since the case is quite delicate and the sword could rip right through it if you are not careful. Great sword, and a nice speedy delivery! Enjoy it guys

     Reviewed by David Withrow on Aug 04, 2007

This sword is Unbelievably sharp. i found that out the hard way. When I removed it from the sheathe the point pierced the webbing between my thumb and index finger with the slightest touch. It is double bladed so be careful not to forget that fact. It is much lighter than I had expected but is very well balanced and easy to use.

     Reviewed by Wesley Weix on Aug 04, 2007

Sword arrived and was pushed through the sheath and the tip of the sword was bent beyond properly fixing without heating of the blade. To put it politely that had me po'd. I ended up bending as much back as possible and snapped a small portion of the tip of. Damn the fed ex man or whoever is responsible for this atrocity...But in all seriousness good sword, decent weight. Now I just need a shield, a man diaper and a red cape ^.^

     Reviewed by ben steely on Jul 27, 2007

This sword is AWESOME!!!! the sheath was kinda cheap, and it already broke, but the sword itself is totally worth it.The blade is well balanced and the hilt is well made. E may have to buy another one. Shipping was great too.

     Reviewed by WAYNE MCDONALD on Jul 25, 2007

amazing sword. this sword makes you feel like you are in the movie of 300. the blade is a nice black color and very sharp.

thank you true swords!!!!!

     Reviewed by Diego Santa-Ana on Jul 14, 2007

I was very pleased with this remarkable sword. Its full tang so the feel of it is as close to the movie as possible. The only set back was that it took a while to get to me, but once I had it in my hand it was all worth the wait. Not to mention that this sword is extreamly sharp, and its double edged the top upper half is as sharp as the main edge so be cautious. All in all I was very pleased, for anyone who loved the movie or is a good sword collector should have this peice. A MUST TO HAVE!!!!!

     Reviewed by Marcus Muentes on Jul 01, 2007

This is the first sword I have ever ordered, and I am completely satisfied. Great price, Great product, I may have to buy another.

     Reviewed by david sanders on Jun 30, 2007

The other versions of this sword are over $150 dollars, I order mine on june 28 and it arrived at 9:30 sat morning the 30th! and the shipping was cheap. But this sword is damn nice for the price and is made well. I plan on using mine for a wall hanger and is perfect for that purpose but also feels study and powerful in your hand. Great product and the fastest shipping i have experienced in a while. Order with confidence.

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