Ninja Strike Force Twin Sword Set w/ Backstrap
[46 MC11680]



     Reviewed by Logan on Jan 08, 2015

these swords broke on me in a week trust me its not worth it
True Swords Response: Please contact customer service at 800-735-3326 .

     Reviewed by Thomas A on Jan 07, 2015

I am very disappointed with this product, at first look those are very nice (balance, quality of the blade) but the hilt, the hand part is made of weak plastic ! I have only hit the wind 3 times before it break and goes right in the ground ! Fortunately no one were hurt ! Please change the "hand part" put wood instead or plain material !!!!
True Swords Response: We are sorry you were disappointed with this product. Please contact customer service if you would like a refund or replacement. 800-735-3326.

     Reviewed by Sanjay D on Dec 18, 2014

Out of the box the blade is decently sharp. Both swords hand are very light and looks great.Sadly the back strap is not adjustable.With the swords in the backstrap they looks like wings,you have to keep constant tension at the front so it looks good and is easy to access.Next is the hilt, very loosely wrapped and can unravel with little ease.Another downside is the hilt is made of plastic,if swung at a semi solid object with the right force the hilt will snap.Its a 80% for ascetic look and 20% for show and tell.But overall it looks great feels great and looks great.

     Reviewed by Harry C on Nov 30, 2014

Swords are about perfect balance. The nylon sheath needs something to be desired...Now i mount the arguous task of finding a good fitting hard back scabbard... But I do love these swords

     Reviewed by shayne lewis on Jun 04, 2014

Just got these swords yesterday. The straps for the sheaths are too long and I hoped that the sheaths would be stitched together instead of being held together with Velcro, but other than that, they're not bad.

     Reviewed by Santiago Saldivar on Dec 05, 2013

Surpassed my expectations. Definitely worth the price. Wish the sheath was more than just flaps and I also wish they were adjustable. But I'm truly happy with my purchase overall. Can't wait to shop again.

     Reviewed by Sam DeterII on Nov 26, 2013

Swords look cool, back strap is decent, aren't usable, I wouldn't buy. Customer service is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Reviewed by David Freyou on Sep 09, 2013

Do NOT buy this if you plan to use it. It's meant for display only.First swing and the blade came right out of the plastic handle. and the blade only goes in not even 3 inches and is held in with a little glue. The blade itself is so dull that it wouldn't cut a twig. They say you get what you pay for, well I'd say the price is still too damn high. everything that I bought from this site has broken except 2 knifes. So that's 2 out of 7. True Swords my @$$!!!

     Reviewed by Cory Shenk on Jun 07, 2013

Not a bad set for my first purchase. Decently sharp, fast shipping, and light weight. However these are not made for any sort of combat! It's difficult to reach for the hilt if your shoulders are too wide like mine, straps are NOT adjustable in any way. And worst od ALL is that they a not full tang and the handle is hollow and will break easily, super glue=easy fix if only a bit weak. All in all great set for display or cosplay but nothing hard hitting.

     Reviewed by Rebecca Longoria on Jun 02, 2013

Good display swords and good for a Halloween ninja costume. Definitely not made for battle.

     Reviewed by Keliikinolua Kelekolio on Apr 17, 2013

there nice swords. only problem is the back strap. got it all curled up hard to pull swords in and out but its a very good price and good for display..straps are alot longer then picture in tales. so i cutt it and re-did them to size i wanted.
so for the pice i give it a 4

     Reviewed by Dragos Sigmaringen on Mar 17, 2013

pretty cool. wearing them makes you feel badass they just need some sharpening and its all good

     Reviewed by Heather Murray on Feb 12, 2013

Im a lil worried about the handels but all in all this was awesome.You fell really cool wearing it and in combo with Full Tang Battle Ready Katana (Review Product) $19.99. This set works very well.

     Reviewed by Roland Lunasco on Jan 05, 2013


     Reviewed by bryan guzman on Dec 08, 2012

Got them yesterday and the sword are very good quality just blunt but with the help of the accusharp that's not a problem the two things that bug me are 1. The straps are horrible there huge and unadjustable so they loosely hang off of my shoulders 2. Is that the blades when sheathed are farther apart far shown in the photo overall the blades are excellent but most of the problems I had lied in the sheaths

     Reviewed by joey salazar on Dec 08, 2012

Got mine in two days, thease are pretty good swords but they don't come very sharp at all, they seem to be full-tang. They are very good though for the price. I would recommend them to any one looking for a cool piece. 5 of 5.

     Reviewed by Jake mott on Jul 25, 2012

These are the first swords I got from here, and I am very happy. They are nice and sturdy, not very sharp, but after use with the accusharp on the blades, they are pretty much battle ready. The sheath is horrible tho, I can't find a way to wear it without it sagging down. Otherwise very nice swords.

     Reviewed by Manuel Lucero on Jul 18, 2012

Great Product. Battle Ready and incontrovertably funtional. Would reccomend to any collector or even recreational buyer. :))

     Reviewed by Tressa Gonzales on Jun 28, 2012

its pretty nice the blades but its another story when it comes to the sheath you think there would be a adjustable belt or something but know its just like a backpack other than that pretty good

     Reviewed by Jordan Burney on Jun 20, 2012

Great swords, as many before me have said, the strap system is not the best, but it is easily substituted by a backpack. They are not the sharpest but that can be a pro or con, depending on what you get them for, but they sure are great for the following

showing off
Being badass
Whacking offenders video game style

I soon plan on getting a sharpener for these.

     Reviewed by Ryan Caron on Jun 02, 2012

Very nice quality with a good weight to it, balanced almost perfectly and not a scratch on them. appear to be full tang, which i was happy to see and arrived rather quickly. the only issue i found is that the chord around one of the handle came lose and began to unwind, but that was easily fixed. Overall, a must have for the price. I am impressed.

     Reviewed by Dale Moss on May 23, 2012

I had a set of swords that weren't up to quality and customer service (Jonathan) was very helpful at sending me these swords (Dual Wield Dragon Ninja Swords w/ Back Sheath) as a replacement i was very impressed with the quality of sevice and that they wanted me to be 100% satisfied with the quality of their products and i am very happy with these swords they are by far alot better than the other order, and he even picked them out. Two thumbs up all. I will be buying alot more soon. Thank you very much.

     Reviewed by jack gill on May 21, 2012

I love these this is my first purchase and its amazing I'm defently buying more stuff

     Reviewed by malik wimberly on Apr 29, 2012

these swords are great. the shipping was super duper faast and they look amazing. the only thing wrong is that the handle wrap is starting to come off but i can fix that. overall great :D

     Reviewed by Cameron Smith on Apr 22, 2012

not bad, good for the price. just manage your expectations. for $18 you get 2 swords and a backstrap. The swords are solid. the don't feel like they would break easily and the handles are pretty decent. The blades are not even remotely sharp though. the backstrap is virtually useless. the swords fit in fine but the straps are not adjustable so they hand too low and dangle all over the place.

     Reviewed by eric sims on Apr 06, 2012

im still waiting on mine but i bet it will e good

     Reviewed by William Jenkins on Apr 04, 2012

I gave up on the back strap right away but the swords themselves are great. Chopping snow is what I use them for. If u turn the to the dull side u can have a sword fight with ur friend. :)

     Reviewed by Robert Mudra on Mar 06, 2012

You can't beat these for the price. I ordered a few items on my first order from True Swords and this was the best deal for the money out of all of them. I am going to have to order more to outfit my pack with. :) Oh, and True Swords has exceptional customer service. 5 stars on this one for both a good value plus the way True Swords treats its customers. Thank you!

     Reviewed by William Chase on Feb 28, 2012

I just got these in the mail. For the price, not bad at all. Swords are a good weight. I really only have 2 minor issues with these, the first being as many other customers have said, the "china" written in bright yellow across one side of the blade near the guard, I feel it either could have been put on the end of the handle, or maybe written in a darker color so it doesnt stand out as much. The second is the sheeths of the back strap, which really should have been made of something firm just to make it easier to put the sword back in them without having to slowly feed it through the cloth. But for 18 bucks, how much can you really complain?

P.S. Not sharp, not even alittle bit, but then again I never expected them to be.

     Reviewed by mike micklesavage on Feb 08, 2012

It is good thankyou and i will buy other thing from you guys

     Reviewed by Alexander Funderburgh on Feb 07, 2012

not perfect, not sharp, but cool, its awesome, whatd youd expect for a 20$ sword, or since there are 2 its like 10$ each, the hilts wouldnt be able to handle my power though, id probably break them if i used them, but they need sharpened.. lol baby swords, they came slightly oiled and the harness is interesting i like them, they are maybe like 1 pound or more each in weight, a little sharpening and refinement may do them justice
they are my first purchase and i like them better than the fake ichigo sword knockoff i got from the fair... true swords bakai ichigo sword looks way better than the one i got from the fair... lol ill probably get that next

     Reviewed by Taylor Curkendall on Sep 09, 2011

Got this set for my Boyfriend for our 2 year anniversary, he loves them! I'm just happy that he's happy, personally they are smaller than I thought they were gonna be but I thought about it and I just hadn't read the description well enough... ether way good buy =^.^=

     Reviewed by Lucas Howard on Jul 21, 2011

These are very good swords for the price just you should buy a sharpener with them and the sharpeners aren't that much so no need to worry about it.

     Reviewed by Jabriel Garrett on Jul 09, 2011

backstraps could be adjustable and the swords could come sharpend

     Reviewed by felipe valdez on Jun 27, 2011

remind me of ninja turtlea

     Reviewed by August Ames on Apr 22, 2011

Really cool! not sharpened at all, very pointy, accusharp fixes easily however and if you grind the tips down slightly they are excellent training swords or stage props. However sheath not very sturdy.

     Reviewed by Brandon Bartsch on Apr 07, 2011

They came quicker than I expected I have no cpmplaint about their arival times which are spot on.I tried sharpening it with a stone with no sucess so I used a grinder to get it razor sharp.When tried chopping some cans it went straight through,but when I tried to cut a two liter bottle it cut a hole in it then bounced off.When I checked the sword it had bent and was very noticable.The only complaint I have is that trueswords don't tell you the amount of pressure the blades can handle in the description.But overall it was a great buy for a cheap set of swords.

     Reviewed by Philip Dennehy on Mar 26, 2011

I want to first say that I'm satisfied with my purchase, I got exactly what I expected to get out of two $18 swords. However when I opened the box one of the hand guards on the sword was tilted slightly, and the metal ring around the hilt is dented and moves a lot. Its not a huge problem, but it feels like its going to fall apart even if I lightly hit something. But again, I'm happy with these swords, just don't expect a lot out of them

     Reviewed by stephen carden on Mar 16, 2011

Awesome swords, I had to sharpen them myself, but great swords for the price. Thanks again True Swords.

     Reviewed by hakime chery on Mar 15, 2011

This iz not even real metal so it can't b sharpen its like painted wood so if u want jus 4 show then its good but 4 real blade a butter knife iz sharper

     Reviewed by adam darlak on Feb 23, 2011

of course they are dull, and i wish the back strap was adjustable, but for they price they are a great deal and very light

     Reviewed by Chris Eaves on Feb 12, 2011

A great buy for the money. I ordered these swords for my friend. I knew they would be dull, but he loves them. The backstrap was a bit large, but he was able to modify it to fit perfect. Overall 4/5, definitely will be making more purchases from True Swords. Outstanding customer service, very prompt, and high quality products at unbelievably low prices.

     Reviewed by Jeffrey Black on Jan 15, 2011

Great Sword set had to hand sharpen the but other wise the are very good weapons

     Reviewed by tristan white on Jan 04, 2011

they are great they have a comfortable fit as well this is a perfect collectable for any good ninja fan or wanna be ninja

     Reviewed by eugene henderson on Dec 22, 2010

Don't take this review as the swords being bad it just depends on what you are looking they are perfect for sparing if you don't want to use wooden ones but if you are looking for swords to cut stuff with than these are not it I was looking for swords to cut stuff with so i give it a 2

     Reviewed by cupid baker on Dec 15, 2010

The swords are great looking and feel great. I like the fact that i paid 18 for it and i get two swords. That right there is worth my money

     Reviewed by Caleb Cooley on Dec 08, 2010

The grip is the best I have ever experienced. Extremely light. The backstrap is cool, but the material catches the sword tips. Overall, awesome for the price.

     Reviewed by Jeremiah Steele on Nov 28, 2010

normally when i buy something from trueswords i get much more than what i pay for...they have low priced good quality stuff. but this time i think i got what i paid for. these blades are cool but they just seem so fragile. i feel like they're going to break. but as i said i got what i paid for and i am satisfied but i just expected more because trueswords is awesome...i recommend getting a combat or spring assist knife those are definitely worth much more than their price. but these swords are really cool and great if you just wanna spend some money

     Reviewed by Michael Hanley on Sep 19, 2010

Perfect for sparring, makes cool clink sound, and you can't cut your partner, unless you would stab with the point.

     Reviewed by Jonathan Rocha on Jul 08, 2010

These Twin Swords are very good, i just wish th3ey had come sharp but other than that, it was totally worth the money!

     Reviewed by Antoinette Bolz on Jun 27, 2010

Well, it's not very sharp, which was my main disappointment. It's very strong, and the blades are a beautiful black, I though that they would be silver though. I bought this for my boyfriend though, so I he might have a different opinion.

     Reviewed by Jenson Bailey on Jun 25, 2010

I gave this product a 4/5. Here's why:

Positive: The blades are great and sturdy and the nylon cord grips are great.

Negative: The back strap was all crumpled and the straps aren't adjustable. Also, one blade was just slightly bent.

Overall, its a great product, but expect too much fun with the back straps.

     Reviewed by Adam Purcell on Jun 25, 2010

Swords are awesome the carrier is useless tho

     Reviewed by Aleksandar Ivicic on Jun 05, 2010

Only complaint is that the holders in which they go inside were a bit wrinkled up so it was tough to get the two blades in there.

Other than that, I am impressed with the quality of the swords. Good size. Great for practice and for show.

Also good for threatening your girlfriend into making you a sandwich =D


     Reviewed by jose mancha on May 28, 2010

the back straps are cheap, but the swords look great, a great buy for 20 bucks

     Reviewed by Wolfee Kowalkowski on May 15, 2010

SWEET twin swords!! ='-'=

Adequately sharp, perfectly balanced & sturdy.
I highly recommend this product for aspiring ninjas, professional & amateur badasses, & collectors of swords/shiny objects.

The back strap system is functional & strong, though the straps are a tad bit too long. (but that can easily be fixed)
Superb set for the price!
5 ninja stars out of 5. :)

     Reviewed by Michael Percha on May 12, 2010

Cons: 1) The blades are not sharp at all. Not that that is a real problem as they can be sharpened, but since a lot of the other blades they sell are sharp right out of the box...
2) The sheaths are a joke. The came crumpled up in the box, and it took me two minutes per blade to slide them in. The points kept tearing at the nylon. With all the reviews on here that talk about how bad these sheaths are, one would think something would have been done about it. I'd suggest improving them a bit, even if it meant adding a couple bucks to the price tag, or doing away with them altogether.

Pros: 1) The blades are light but sturdy, enabling me to maneuver with them very well. The quickness in my swing made me grin like an idiot.
2) The nylon grips are great. I never once felt not in control of the blades.
3) My order shipped in about three days, once again proving True Swords makes good on their promise of prompt delivery.
4) The poster of the smokin' hot woman with the katana. True Swords certainly does know how to please it's customers. :)

Overall, I really do love these swords. They are a fine addition to my growing collection. I also love this site. With only a couple of minor product flaws, they are completely overshadowed by how awesome most things here are. Thank you True Swords.

     Reviewed by charles harner on May 11, 2010

i liked them very much they are good swords pretty durable.although i wish the strap could be adjustable.LOVE THE POSTER;)

     Reviewed by Cris Bernal on May 08, 2010

these swords are ok for the price i suppose they dont come sharp which was a major drawback and the wraping on one sword wasnt very secure especally at the top i think it was plastic when i expected metal.
The black comes off swords fairly easy.

     Reviewed by travis roller on May 06, 2010

First the bad. The sheaths are goodfor nothing but looks. It serves no purpoes but keepig the dust off. Now the good. The swords are freakin awesome. Great weight and a pitch black blade, they are amazing. All and all a great addition to any ninjas arsenal.

     Reviewed by junior drew liebfried on Apr 23, 2010

very well built. sharp, had to adjust the strap

     Reviewed by Rick Taylor on Mar 18, 2010

nice looking set for a dissplay.

     Reviewed by Sean Voltz on Feb 23, 2010

I rather like these swords personally, I think they are smaller than a lot of people would expect, but I kind of knew what I was getting. There was a small discrepancy with my order, but the people at TrueSwords were prompt and courteous in correcting it, and I was very impressed by that. The swords are a bit heavy at the tip and built to be dull everywhere but the tip it seems, so it will take a good bit of sharpening if you want a real edge. The sheath is a joke as most have said, but not bad if you just want to put them in something for travel.

Becouse of the edge and the sheath I give these a 4/5

     Reviewed by Rodger Trudgen on Jan 14, 2010

The swords are awesome, but the backstraps are difficult to use. the sheaths go limp when you pull the sowrd out and therefore hard to put the swords back in. the swords are definately worth 19.99 thou.

     Reviewed by Colleen Magda on Jan 08, 2010

they are nice display swords, i just wish that the shoulder straps were adjustable

     Reviewed by Timothy Gibson on Dec 30, 2009

These two swords are incredible! Comfortably fits in your hands and truly brings out the ninja in you. Thanks a lot!

     Reviewed by Tyler Foerster on Dec 30, 2009

Overall, great products. I bought this and 6 other products from this site, and, like many others, it won't be my last purchase. The only problem I encountered was the sheath...too hard to use.

     Reviewed by Kevin Smith on Dec 02, 2009

very nice price, light swords. when sharpened they can do some true damage. they were a little smaller than I thought but they are fine.

     Reviewed by Antonio Girifalco on Nov 04, 2009

HORRIBLE STRAP SYSTEM! thin blades. nicely balanced full tang units. not sharp in any way. perfect set of practice swords. sharpen up for use as a machete. exactly as expected. wicked fast shipping, just like all true swords products. great for costume.

     Reviewed by Ben Tonn on Oct 20, 2009

Awsome! I got these to go with a costume I made for a party, but now I think I'll have to use thse in competition.
The backstrap system looks cool, but it's kind of hard to sheath once you are done. I put a small metal rod down the side to hol it open a bit, that helped. Overall, a great set!

     Reviewed by Geoffrey Hilbrandt on Oct 12, 2009

The Shipping- Ordered 1 AM on Friday, delivered Saturday afternoon. 5/5

The Price- For $20, excellent.

The Blades- They are full tang blades and feel as sturdy as machetes. the blades are sexy blackened pieces of badassness. Though the blade is dull as all hell, the tips are sharp. The only downside is the blades are impossible to get back into the back straps. if they had put a rod in the sheaths to keep them steady and straight it would be an amazing improvement. All in all BUY THESE SWORDS. They look sick on my Deadpool costume!

     Reviewed by Mitch Fowler on Oct 01, 2009

Delivery was quick. The blades are not sharp, but that's probably good. I'd end up cutting off my fingers trying to put these back into the scabbard. It looks awesome, but you try putting two of these back into a nylon scabbard while it's on your back! That takes coordination that I guess I just don't have. Oh well, I guess I can take Ninja off of my career list.

     Reviewed by Martin Rivera on Sep 30, 2009

For the price of 20 bucks you cant go wrong! I bought them for my friend's birthday and now I am getting a set for myself xD. They came a tad bit dull but nothing a soapstone cant fix :D overall 5/5

     Reviewed by Koty Kritz on Sep 22, 2009

Very good swords, they are very good quality and very strong and sturdy, im sad to be using them for hedge twimming but there doing a great job at the saplings.

take 10 minutes with an accusharp and you can cut water bottles and stuff.

very good buy, and il be back when i get more money :)

     Reviewed by Ali Caracalla on Aug 24, 2009

great sword and very light weight and strong

     Reviewed by Bryce De Guzman on Jul 17, 2009

First buy and definitely not the last! Great swords, not flimsy at all, unfortunately you can't adjust the back strap, but if you cross it across your chest, it works better. Anyways, this is a great sword for your $20!

     Reviewed by Anthony Gonzalez on Jul 14, 2009

By far one of the best blades true swords has to offer. Not only are these strong, and easy to carry, AND easy on the eyes, they are sharp and battle ready.

     Reviewed by ryan king on Jun 19, 2009

I order these and was surprise they came two days later. I was very pleased with the swords they weren't flimsy at all. The only problem was that the blade came dull but that's nothing that a sharping stone can't fix. Over all a great buy for the price. I will be buying alot more from that you can count on

     Reviewed by mark gember on Jun 04, 2009

GREAT product!! the swords are excellent! they arent at all flimsy, they are short so you get perfect handling out of them the only thing thats kinda annoying about them is the sheath... its pretty hard to putthe swords in while its still on your back but still awesome to pull out

     Reviewed by Rick Skropits on Jun 03, 2009

Great swords for the price!! But I just wish the sheaths were made out of wood. Also you cant adjust the back strap to fit you. They are still great swords. Use Saftey pin to make the backstrap fit you.

     Reviewed by Tyler Babcock on May 28, 2009

i am actually pretty satisfied with them, there was a slight problem with the handle, the came dull, but can easily be sharpened. the only other problem was the sheath, but really that is just a bonus to these swords anyway. overall a great buy for a collector on a budget.

     Reviewed by steven pankowski on May 05, 2009

these swords are awsome, i've read alot of comments about how the sheaths are'nt that good, but it doesnt make a diffrence. the swords are small enough so that you can carry with out notice. but when do you plan on actually carrying it. so wht im tryin to say is that the sword is amazing and so is the sheath.

     Reviewed by Eric Kim on May 02, 2009

these swords are really shabby and not all that good. I wouldnt spend money on it. the metal is weird and the whole thing looks home made by an amateur

     Reviewed by Matthew McGrath on Apr 25, 2009

a great product. these swords both look and feel great, though the straps are a bit loose that's easily fixed with a knot or two. these swords are light weight and great for practices or the experienced swordsman.

     Reviewed by Brenda Couch on Apr 19, 2009

awsome if u run your hand down the side it isnt sharp but if you hit the endits sharp my dad cut his arm on it i laughted so hard the thing says 25inch seems small but its big and the blades black just to let u know

     Reviewed by John Veirs on Apr 10, 2009

Very nice. a full tang or hard wood sheath version would be nice. the sheath is the only down side. there to hard to re-sheath but fun to ware. good for the price.

     Reviewed by Richard Salazar on Mar 13, 2009

I bought these for a friend. And I must say they seem like they will be quite fun to mess around with. The sheath sucks, but lets face it you are getting twin swords for 20 bucks...good for the price!

     Reviewed by anthony ridgley on Mar 05, 2009

Que pasa mi amigos,
I ordered them on 3/3/09 and recieved them on 3/5/09 and i was extremly pleased being a very great busido and ninjitsu master the quality of the swords are great,the points very sharp,but the sheaths could be better but I'm not complaining at all it's time to go on some missions,anyway the swords are what I thought they would be so thanks truesword

sincerly a worthy advocery

     Reviewed by Richard Surber on Feb 26, 2009

I must admit - these are not exactly what I thought I was receiving, BUT I am very pleased with them still. The only thing that I thought I was getting but didn't was actual SHEATHS for the swords. I didn't know that the backstrap WAS the sheath, so that is a little disappointing, but these blades are still beautiful and very sturdy. Very easy to wield and lightweight, overall - again, for the price listed, an incredible bargain!

     Reviewed by Chris Miller on Feb 25, 2009

i ordered them thursday and got the saturday thay are very dull but all around a good buy

     Reviewed by Michael Hissem on Feb 24, 2009

I have a Red, Blue and Black ninja outfit that I wore to a halloween party last year. I was considering reoutfitting it and wearing it again this year. These swords will go perfectly with the costume. Thanks!

     Reviewed by Cameron Angell on Feb 18, 2009

there a lot blacker as everybody has already said, but i was expecting a little more of a sheath with it but the nylon will work. there not sharp but once you put an edge on it there badass and with a little of the lacquer gone it just as some finesse to the swords

     Reviewed by justin mcclung on Feb 11, 2009

these are awesome and cant wait to try them out as everything

     Reviewed by Emmanuel Ong on Jan 29, 2009

Very nice set of swords. The back strap could be built better but for the price, it is awesome.

     Reviewed by Josh Hampton on Jan 10, 2009

great blades but the sheath is just an annoying. The blades are darker than the picture and so is the gaurd and the metal cap on the pommel.
All in all a great buy

     Reviewed by Peggy Pierle on Dec 25, 2008

This is Peggy's son. I just got these for Christmas. They are pretty cool looking. The blades are much darker, even the metal on the handle is almost black. I have the same old complaint though. The harness is horrible. They try to fold up whenever the swords aren't in them. I straightened out a couple coat hangers and stuck them in the pockets to keep them straight. That worked, but it is still quite hard to get the blades back in. Also, mine weren't very sharp when I got them, and the metal at the tip of the handle is somewhat loose. The metal at the guard popped too. I'm not sure exactly what happened, it may have come unglued a little. Still, a good-looking set of blades. I don't know what kind of actual damage they could do, but they are fun to have and use, and you look damn cool holding them too.

     Reviewed by david gardiner on Dec 07, 2008

I bought this item a couple weeks ago. The swords are beautiful and well balanced but the stitching on the sheath is too weak and falls apart easily.

     Reviewed by Ghost Ninja on Nov 17, 2008

I got these for my friend and I checked them out first. They are light weight and sturdy with an ok edge. My friend really enjoys them so I would recommend them to any body.

     Reviewed by Stevo Wright on Nov 05, 2008

Unbeatable price.Great set to add to any sword collection.Blades are fairly sharp. The backstrap is what really stands out as unique combined with the dark blades that give it a stealth ninja-like appearence. Drawing the swords out the backstrap is easy but putting them back in may be a little tricky. A full tang battle ready version of this would really be cool but still,this a nice collectible.

     Reviewed by Neil Enderland on Oct 24, 2008

awesome!! totally worth the money! straps suck but theyre good for a costume or something. and the swordes are VERY black blacker than the picture for sure. buy the knife sharpener from this site if you want these to be sharp

     Reviewed by Andy Ross on Oct 09, 2008

These things rock! Not sharp, but who cares. The blades are a lot blacker than the picture shows, more a midnight black, but it just makes them look more sweet. The sheath is okay. It fits on your back fine, and you can pull the blades out fine, but its impossible to put them back in. I would highly recommend them! 20 bucks is a steal for this awesome swords!

     Reviewed by Isaac Love on Sep 28, 2008

not bad. the sheaths do suck but the blades are fine. this is part of my Halloween costume.

     Reviewed by Codey Dunn on Sep 26, 2008

Awesome swords.
The straps don't adjust but aren't too bad.
The sheaths take some getting used to, all in all a fair deal.
Sturdy blades that do some damage if used correctly.

     Reviewed by Stephen Tumulty on Sep 21, 2008

Yeah, these things are pretty cool... the sheathes suck, and the hilts may have the appearance of a toy, but they feel very strong when swung with thy might... I giveth thee a 4.

     Reviewed by Trystain Larsen on Sep 06, 2008

GReat buy fro the price! black swords look even more awesome compared to the steel ones. it's like what everyone else says... the sheaths suck, big time. i can't even stuff the swords into them, but that's okay cause i can new sheaths (maybe even scabbards) for these drastic dous.

     Reviewed by Jordan Gancos on Aug 17, 2008

I ordered these yesterday and i cant wait to get them!!! They look frickin awesome. personally i REALLY like the BLACK blades.

     Reviewed by Marcus Perry on Jul 31, 2008

These r cool if u want to play around and pretend u r dual weildin swords, and so totally worth the 20bucks i paid for them.

     Reviewed by Kyle Hernandez on Jun 29, 2008

the only problem i've had was that a string holding the sheath together broke, besides that these swords are worth the money

     Reviewed by Zy Mazza on Jun 08, 2008

I like it, but its hard to re-sheath, sharp though!

     Reviewed by Dallin Grotefend on Jun 04, 2008

Nice sturdy structure so far, grip feels good, and mine came sharp. However, the tip of one of mine is a little dented and the backstraps are a little frustrating but for 20 bux, its a good deal.

     Reviewed by Michael metcalf on May 30, 2008

it is ok but it did not come in sharp and the blade was dented

     Reviewed by luis Ortiz on May 17, 2008

btter than expected. real cool

     Reviewed by Travis Aristidou on May 15, 2008

This was a great deal, I love them. Two problems though, First one of the tsuba's was loose, and second they are kinda hard to get back into the sheathes. Other than that I recommend them.

     Reviewed by Xavier Winking on May 10, 2008


     Reviewed by Daniel Wallis on Apr 15, 2008

I got this sword as a supplement to my other one the shoulder straps could do with a way to tighten them other than that great deal

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