Bushido Musashi - Orient Pearl Handmade Samurai Sword - Red Saya
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Reviewed by Mike O'Hagan on Nov 07, 2011   5 out of 5

Please read!
This sword is a REALLY great sword! The paint job and gloss is fantastic looking and the blade is very sharp! The only possible downside I can think of is the sheathe. The sheathe is too hollowed-out, making the blade rattle a LOT when carried and don't even think about holding it upside down by the sheathe, it'll slip out immediately. This sounds like a huge downside, BUT the blade truly is extravagant and I am very satisfied with my purchase. Although this is a 5 star rating, there was a (One, 1) downside, but ONLY that. I shouldn't have the sword upside down anyways. GREAT SWORD FOR THE PRICE!

Reviewed by Luke Selberg on Jul 22, 2011   5 out of 5

This is a very nice, sharp sword. The orient pearl version is a good pick because it looks very original and pretty. However, I ruined this sword by trying to chop wood with it, (like the idiot I am) and it bent and now won't go back in it's sheath. As most katanas, this is for show and don't mess it up like I did.

Reviewed by Ryan Casuso on Aug 09, 2010   4 out of 5

Best sword I have ever owned. Makes a rattling sound when shaken but oh well. Very, very very sharp and sturdy

Reviewed by Lindzey Wills on Mar 12, 2010   4 out of 5

First thing I noticed when I opened the box and took the cover off the sword was that it was -not- the one I ordered! I had on my receipt "Musashi - Orient Peal Katana Red Saya". However the sword I had was a Dragon fury red saya. The second I cleaned, sharpened and displayed this sword I knew I wasn't sending it back! This baby is mine!

When I had ordered the Orient I was worried about the saya...I adore red sayas but not as bright as this. I ordered anyway. When -this- sword got here I was delighted to see how dark red the saya was! Not nearly as much of an eye sore as the photo.

The blade also came sharp, although it was dirty. I wiped is clean and it was fine. Fits in the saya well- no debris when drawn. The bronze metal piece fitting the blade (name escapes me as of right now) does /not/ hold the Musashi symbol. It's plain but that's fine. Not of much importance to me.

It gives good cutting power for it's price. I took it to a two liter filled with water and got a great cut- before I sharpened it! Same with a rolled tatami mat. After sharpening it was even better! Noticeably different.

Disassembles well, not to easy but not terribly hard either. Great for Kenjutsu, Iaido and even Kendo Kata practice. However just to be sure I would sharpen it before using for cutting demos.

The sword is also a lot more heavier than a shinai or bokken!! As this is my first sword I was very surprised and the weight was the first (wait...second 0_0) thing I noticed when I removed it from it's box.

Good sword, really happy with it.
Only missing a star for the wrong order and not as shown in the photo.

Reviewed by michael curran on Jan 14, 2010   5 out of 5

the saya is a beautiful mirror red/burgundy finish. the blade is quite sharp and the handle is wrapped tight, quite comfortable to grip. it's not too heavy or too light, and it's exactly what's pictured online.

comes with a black carrying wrap.

Reviewed by Andrew Riley on Jan 13, 2010   5 out of 5

First off HOLY COW on shipping i got my sword in 18 hours of order! ^_^ The sword came alittle dirty but i cleaned it up. The sheth was really what i was expecting though cause the pic make the color look bright, but really its like a dark blood red look. the sword is sharp and i can't wait to put it too the test. Thx trueswords for the AWESOME sword ^_^

Reviewed by zach greatorex on Aug 08, 2009   4 out of 5

its a good sword for a beggining collector the only problems iv had with it its that it doesent stay in the saya very well and the saya ito wrapping is loos like alot true site plz contact me via e mail and tell me a way to meke it stay in the saya better

Reviewed by Jeffrey Lopez on Mar 17, 2009   5 out of 5

The most perfect combination of Strength and Beauty I have ever seen in this price range. I have bought and sold many a Katana and currently have 14 on the walls and 3 in my Familys safe. The Orient Pearl is a work of art and one would forget that this is a RAZOR SHARP weapon waiting for the Hands of it's Master.

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