Deluxe Camping Axe & Hunting Bowie Knife Combo
[12 UC2611]



     Reviewed by teddy kap on Jan 05, 2013

absolutely love this cant find one thing bad or wrong with it excellent buy both are sharp and well crafted nothing wrong with either of em the knife is a little smaller than i thought but i love it would gladly buy another

     Reviewed by Davy De Los Santos on Jun 28, 2012

The axe and knife are sharp strong and will do you good, but that's not important. The important thing is is customer service and let me tell you that trueswords wrote the book on customer service.

     Reviewed by Michael Chow on May 10, 2012

True Swords did an incredible job of coming through for me! I ordered this item after I ordered several others, and did not realize this Axe & knife combo had a longer shipping time. Regardless, I let TS know I needed it for the upcoming Scout camping trip and they expedited the item. I received it in perfect time for the campout which very much came in handy to hammer down the tent spikes and cut fish bait. Both blades were very sharp to slice my skin but not break it, or I'm getting better at handling knives. Later, I used the axe to hack some weeds which did turn out to be extremely effective. I also used the knife to trim a small lemon tree which sliced the young branches so easily and I never had to sharpen either straight from the box! Love this item, would like each of my family to have it for WSHTF!

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