Tactical Wakizashi - 5160 High Carbon Spring Steel Sword
[46 CB2432]



     Reviewed by Louis Dunham on Nov 21, 2010

I must say, this is one tough, MEAN little sword, well worth the long wait for cross-country shipping. Evan went above and beyond the call of duty with this order; I have never had a better experience working out an order that was, in fact, OUT OF STOCK when I ordered. Even without a prepaid pre-order, he was glad to hold some time for me, and I expect this sword to stay on as my camping and survival sidearm for quite some time. <br /><br />A couple things not mentioned in the description; <br />The eye-ring at pommel has an adjustable(and, if you choose, removable) wrist strap;<br />Also, the end of the saya has a ventilation hole, which allows it to be used as a snorkel or blow tube, or at the very least allows for a little airflow inside to prevent the formation of mildew or condensation.<br /><br />Thanks for another great buy!

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