Tactical Wakizashi - 5160 High Carbon Spring Steel Sword
[46 CB2432]



     Reviewed by Ricci Gilman on Feb 07, 2013

very well made, holds a very good edge... great purchase. five stars

     Reviewed by mark moreno on Aug 07, 2012

Great piece. It feels very good and balanced and very sturdy blade. the price is phenomenal for what you get. Although the hilt is weather resistant it may be slippery when damp so I added my own 550 cord wrapping to it and now the grip feels very solid. The scabbard is also very sturdily built. This sword feels ready for battle! Great buy

     Reviewed by Michael Kai on Feb 03, 2012

Not razor sharp, but sharp enough to cut through water filled milk jugs and thin plastic...thicker bottles not so much. Feels good to swing, I can't imagine using it as a defensive blade with a katana in the other hand! Dangerous!

Gonna try sharpening it, but that's gonna be a pain...

     Reviewed by Ryan Marin on Jan 20, 2012

This piece really encompasses what i think of as a 'real', useful sword. Weather-resistant components and tough steel. Right off the bat this thing doesn't stay in the sheath, but that was easily fixable using the paracord wrist strap and button, adding a few seconds to the unsheath. This sword has absolutely no frills. It's lightweight, the balance is fantastic, not too blade-centric, it feels like an extension of my arm in either hand. Even stripped down as it is, this sword emenates beauty from its sheer grace and deadliness. Only the tip came razor sharp, but the rest is still sharp enough in a pinch. This will be a mainstay of my survival kit for sure.

     Reviewed by brandon miller on Dec 30, 2011

Freaking Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just got this today and WOW? Very Impressed. It's the perfect length for someone my height (I'm 5'6"). It's my of quality steel. I love that it's spring steel, it makes it very durable for outdoor use. It came fairly sharp, but I was able to hone it to a razors edge. I've heard some people had problems with the scabbard, mine has a very nice fit and doesn't slide out on its own. Very nice blade of a great price!!!

     Reviewed by GEORDI THOMAS on Sep 23, 2011

LOL it came duller than a pair of plastic scissors. really dissapointed. looks good. gonna have to drop another 100 just to get it sharpened. i know its not true swords falt but o well.....

     Reviewed by Ross D'Elia on Jul 16, 2011

I have yet to test the durability of the weapon against it's sterling review records.

One thing that startled me was that it came stating that it was for display use only, I contacted True Swords support and a gentleman called me back to explain that it was a disclaimer from CAS Hanwei to avoid lawsuits from negligent usage.

It seems too good to be true, but it appears to be a fine blade, 5160 High Carbon is equal and in some cases superior (especially at this blade length) to 55 hardened 1060 Carbon.

My only complaint outside of my original worry is that the scabbard doesn't hold the blade well, which can be dangerous during practical use. I intend to use this in my survival kit, alongside a hawk. That complaint is arguable by the fact that the scabbard is fiber glass and has a drainage hole, so with appropriate measures if you submerge yourself in water with the blade you may avoid serious damage to your weapon.

For 99.99 this is a great deal. True Swords has awesome customer service, why wait?

     Reviewed by Thomas Buckley on Jul 03, 2011

This is a decent enough functional sword if you are looking for something shorter than a Katana. I have bought two of these, and though the blade bevels are well ground, the tip is not polished like the rest of the blade. Indeed, on my latest I can still see some shallow grind marks. Also, on both of mine the grinding on the tang area is not too impressive. The habaki (collar) on the latest is not completely closed. That is probably not going to be a problem, but it shows marginal fit and finish and inattention to detail. This is nowhere near as nice as the 1060 Mushashi swords that I have.

The full tang and shorter blade helps to give the sword nice balance. If you are older or have back or other physical problems, then the balance of this sword may be better for you than the blade-forward weight of a traditional katana.

Overall impression: A decent battle ready short sword, but not as nice as the Mushashi 1060 series.

     Reviewed by Dan Daniel on May 08, 2011

Received my Wakizashi in short amount of time (This is why I keep coming back,great service!). The sword is much better in hand than in oictures, mine came in quite sharp, not razor sharp but good enough for it's intended purpose, it is a fast handling weapon/tool. There is one thing that surprised me, it is full tang, blade is approx. 1/4 inch thick(a good looking piece of steel & I really like the effect of the coating), but blade is quite flexable not as stiff as my other Katanas, since this is my first Wakizashi, perhaps it is normal? I did some light cutting and it performed flawlessly! It will be part of my bug out pack! I am anxious to see the upcoming Tactical Katana, this will be a must have item!

     Reviewed by nate cook on Mar 25, 2011

this was a great buy.. great construction.. light weight and razor sharp.. a tru hanwei product..

     Reviewed by James Denney on Mar 10, 2011

Mine came with only the tip sharpened. The edge is VERY hard. It took me forever to sharpen. Honed to a razor edge though, and I doubt it will dull easily. Good balance. Solid construction.

     Reviewed by lindsay rosenstrauch on Jan 27, 2011

FIVE STAR SWORD!!! perfect size,perfect weight,perfect price!! very functional and very impressive design without a the designer price!! I'LL BE BACK!!

     Reviewed by allen chiu on Jan 25, 2011

Blade is true, and sword features a true full tang of fairly thick (1/4'') 5160 steel. Fit and finish is quite good with no loose scales and no gaps anywhere. My impression is that that this is a good functional sword, saving cost by skipping decoration, abandoning traditional style and omitting mirror polishing to bring the customer a good piece of steel at an affordable price. I have no hesitation using this sword as I am confident in the tang -- and the price makes actual use a reality without the looming concern of damaging an expensive blade weighing in the back of my mind. The sheath is fiberglass: thick and strong. No concerns about cracking it or bending it, but it does not hold the sword with much friction and it will come out if turned upside down.

     Reviewed by Louis Dunham on Nov 21, 2010

I must say, this is one tough, MEAN little sword, well worth the long wait for cross-country shipping. Evan went above and beyond the call of duty with this order; I have never had a better experience working out an order that was, in fact, OUT OF STOCK when I ordered. Even without a prepaid pre-order, he was glad to hold some time for me, and I expect this sword to stay on as my camping and survival sidearm for quite some time.

A couple things not mentioned in the description;
The eye-ring at pommel has an adjustable(and, if you choose, removable) wrist strap;
Also, the end of the saya has a ventilation hole, which allows it to be used as a snorkel or blow tube, or at the very least allows for a little airflow inside to prevent the formation of mildew or condensation.

Thanks for another great buy!

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